What’s in Your Photo Gallery?

My life is turning into the crazy cat lady. Thankfully, I only have two. But I look at my photos on the phone and there are two or three photos of the cats to every one of my son. That has to scream “help!”

According to the teenager, this isn’t a cry for help. He assures me the photo ratio is perfectly normal since the cats are cute. I think it’s really his way of saying he doesn’t want to have his picture taken. But I’m just guessing…and I’m Mom, so I might not know what I’m talking about. (I don’t think he is at that stage yet, so I could still be smart.)

My goal now is to take other photos – I have others, but the cats are more interesting. Want to know the boring ones? Pictures of my odometer. Yep, had to travel for work and write down the mileage. Riveting, right?

Tomorrow I will get back to more interesting photos! Tonight, I leave you with the last one I took…


Conversing across channels – or apps

Conversations have changed over the past, oh I don’t know, ten years? Somewhere around there.

Social media and texting has taken over the telephone call. (That was when people had to memorize phone numbers and punch them into a phone connected to the wall.)

This past New Years evening I used several forms to express new year wishes to friends and family. I had a great conversation with a friend in England through the Facebook Messenger app, shared sentiments with friends and family around the world through two social media platforms, verbally recorded my message to my sister and a friend on the VOX app, sent texts to many others and then called my brother on the cell phone. That’s crazy! But I do like the ease of simply sending a message without having to wait for the answering machine (oh wait! It’s voicemail now!) to pick up.

Technology has changed the look of keeping in touch. Some might say it’s the devil (I do but only when I don’t have a signal 😉 ) while others sing its praises. Me? I like the idea of not being rushed to answer a text. I like the idea of being able to really keep in contact with people I grew up with in Texas and New Jersey. It makes it easy when I travel to a place to send out a quick private message seeing if we can connect. It’s more reliable than sending a letter by pony express and faster than snail mail.

They say communication is key to any relationship, and nowadays being adaptable to the changes of modern technology seems to be a part of that key.

Joys in the little things

This has been a great few days in California. And productive…ugh. Talking about work, I know. But it has been good all around. 

Landing Sunday was by far a good choice. Who wants to spend a few hours in a truck after being on a five hour flight? Not me!

While performing the highway study I was sent out to do, the driver pointed out some local tidbits. You know things that don’t show up on tourist sites. Things like: a Tiki- themed drive-in movie. Or animals made from metal scraps. 

Or a gas station from 1915 and the parking lot from Back to the Future where Marty sped off into the past. Pretty cool places if you speak with the locals. 

Perhaps one of my favorite finds was a blast from my past: Jersey’s Mike’s Subs! 

Who would have thought I had to go to the West Coast to get lunch from one of my favorite places to eat on the East Coast? Yes, this picture made my husband jealous. We already planned to go there while visiting next week. But I was able to get a preview!! 

Can’t wait to see what today brings!

California Dreamin’ – Pt 2

Sunday afternoon was spent leisurely walking along the bay. We ventured over to Hyde Street Pier to look at some of the historic ships.

The history of this city is presented every where you look. The buildings, the boats, the trolleys (which I did not get to ride!), the homes…just every where.

The smell of the bay – it’s pretty much the same smell as on the East Coast. No surprise there! Fish, fish, and umm, more fish!

KODAK Digital Still Camera           Ok – so this is a seal..

The houses aren’t cookie cutters in styles or colors, but they all fit perfectly together along the strip.

The youngest teen stopped in his tracks when he saw the first of a few outdoor workout areas. The concept is pretty cool – but to see people working out, some of those positions are not necessarily outdoor worthy views…if you get what I mean…wish I had a brain scrubber right about now…

We made our way over to a marina where we rested on a bench, watching the boats and seals in the water. A feathered friend decided to join us before the boys decided to play in the grass while we waited for our ride…we used Uber the entire time we were in the city and it was WONDERFUL!!


Life is good!!  ~MJ