Pre-Wedding Crazies

With the bridal shower over and done, we are now able to really focus on the Big Day. And it’s coming fast! Maybe a little too fast!

Family and friends have been sending in their RSVP’s and we are chugging along.

What’s left to do? Make the wedding favors, of course. These are a little tricky. No theme. Just colors. Asking for a theme is like asking to pull a tooth. So we go with the direct question of: what do you want to give your guests as a small token of appreciation? Answers vary. My favorite one is the look of shock with a small “umm”. That’s always helpful to hear.

Seriously we have dwindled down the possibilities to one item and those will be in production next week. I’m hoping to have them done by the end of the weekend of the 15th.

Five. More. Weeks. Something old....very old. 53 yrs old.

Something old,

Something new.

Something borrowed,

Something blue.


The Wedding Zone

We are chugging along this wonderful whimsical road, heading towards “The Wedding Zone.” And oh the joy we are having!

My daughter doesn’t want to do the sand or a unity candle. She choose to demonstrate the combining of two families through her flower arrangements, using two colors: orange and blue. Orange for the bridesmaids and everyone on her side of the family. Navy blue for the groomsmen and everyone on his side of the family. But for the bride and groom, they get a mixture of them both.

Wedding Drama Has Hit

The wedding drama has occurred. I knew it would show it’s ugly face, I just wasn’t sure of the form it would take. It took two forms: bridesmaid and invitations.

One of the bridesmaids dropped out. There is a long back story to it, but in short, it was an awkward position and I wasn’t positive how it would pan out. She dropped out Saturday. The bride-to-be was able to be calmed down – she didn’t have much of a meltdown. The text came followed by the phone call of now what. We talked, options were given, and she made another choice. It was one of her first choices to begin with, but distance and family scheduling hindered the lovely bride2B from asking. She asked, was answered in the positive and now we are back on-track. Yay!

That evening, I had an email stating the invitations I ordered were cancelled. This is why I have back-up plans. Plan B: Walgreens Photo shop here I come! After spending about 15 minutes on the design, adding the detailed information – triple checking it all! – I hit the submit button and wa-la! Not only were the invitations less to purchase, but I found a coupon to save even more. Win! Win!

Drama. You have shown your ugly head. Now return to the inky dark corners where you come from. Don’t bother showing up again – you didn’t freak out the bride2B.

I know there might be more potholes up ahead – we still have three months to go and anything can happen on the big day. But for now, we take the wins. I found a photographer, family members who live far away are now a definite, I have a dress, the cake topper arrived and the flowers are almost finished.


A Photo Week Challenge: Public Transportation


The beloved charter bus! Everyone loves them. Crowded. Sometimes loud. Having to walk to the back of the bus when nature decides NOW would be a great time to call.

My son’s high school choir performed at the Cincinnati Reds game a few weeks ago. Being the supportive parents, my husband and I took the day off from work to cheer the choir. We may not be huge Reds fans, but we do enjoy attending baseball games.

We brought my mother along for the ride. She is a great cheerleader – even if she doesn’t understand the game and may have cheered for the opposing team. When one of his friends commented on her cheering, my son simply responded: “she’s grandma. She can do what she wants.”

We caught up to the bus on the interstate. My son sent an image of a hand waving as we passed them. Getting around the city in a car is more sane than driving in those big charter buses. After we emerged from the underground parking garage, the bus rolls to a stop in front of the stadium. And parks. For the entire game. I give them credit – who is really going to mess with a giant bus?

*The choir did a fantastic job singing the national anthem!

Caution: Wedding Ahead

Took a few days off from my crazy busy life. It was much needed and very appreciated.

In the upcoming months, life is going to change: the only daughter becomes a wife to a very nice guy.

Our life went from somewhat crazy to intense all in a matter a simple “yes”. They want a fast marriage – as in five months from “yes” to “I do”. Taste testing, dress searching, flower making, favors, centerpieces, DJ’s…the list goes on.

The soon to be 21 year old will be the one performing the ceremony. I will be putting together the flowers for the bouquets with the bride-to-be’s help. My mother has been calling venues and solidifying those details.

In the end, it will be beautiful and perfect to her. Something is bound to go wrong or mess up, but it’s okay. One step at a time, right? Take a breath, strap in, and enjoy the ride!

Spring Break 2018

Ahhh..spring break. Images of beaches, carefree moments, and late nights come to mind. No alarms. No schedules. No stress.

We were more than happy to pack up our car and head south as local temperatures were dipping into the 30’s – again! I heard they even had some snow in places since we left.

lasso the sun

Florida temps are not in the 30’s and the sun has been proving it really does exist. In fact, we are trying to figure out a way to lasso the sun to bring back with us when we leave! Who wants 30 degree weather when 70’s exist without the threat of snow or ice?



Here is a summary of our days along the Gulf coast so far…you are welcome!

KODAK Digital Still Camera