Land of Obstacles

So my parents are soon to retire and planning to head in my direction.We decided we would all go in together on a house or a duplex to be together. Aww, how sweet! Yeah, yeah. Actually, it’s more along the lines of wanting to keep an eye on each other. My parents aren’t getting younger–that darn Fountain of Youth! Since I still have tiny people in the house, we agreed not to share living space. I love my parents, but I don’t think I could live happily with “my rules” over my head. I did that back when I was in high school. I’m over that and doing it now to my own kids. 🙂

We talked with a builder and we decided it would be about the same to build a duplex for us as it would for my parents to just buy a house that they wouldn’t be totally satisfied with. The builder liked the idea and is more than happy to help and build it for us.

That was November.

For the past six months, give or take a few weeks of ice and snow, I have looked at houses and land all over this town of mine. Let me just say “OH EM GEE!” Talk about wanting to poke your eyeballs out with toothpicks. I dragged one of my closest friends around town with me for that second opinion and mental support. God bless her for not running away kicking and screaming. Instead, she kept looking, even when she didn’t have to look.

About a month or two ago, I can’t remember because it all seems to blend together, she handed me a phone number and an address. Heck, I’d be lying if I didn’t say she even called the guy and handed me the phone during our weekly breakfast gathering. Next thing I know, the land that seemed to be distant, was in front of my face. I explained to him what I wanted and he listened. Does it have gas? Yes. Does it have city sewer? Yes. Thank God, we’re half-way there! Now for the big question: Is it zoned for duplex? <Insert screeching tires here> No. BUT it is now zoned for industrial and can easily be changed over. All we need to do is approach the city.

That “but” was a little iffy to me. I’m from a place where we don’t trust people easily. So I took it to the builder and discussed it with him. He looked, he saw, he agreed. It should not be a problem. There is plenty of land to support the building we want to build.

Long, boring drawn out story made short: After hours of going back and forth today between my parents and the seller, we agreed. The search for land is over. I’m so thankful. Yay! As of this afternoon, we have our land.

On the flip side, while all the land issues were occurring, my parents and my husband and I were working with the builder on floor plans. Now that was fun! Plans were shipped to New Jersey, to Indiana, than again to Jersey and in the end, we have it all figured out. Not too bad for five people across the country working on a floor plan.

Now that the plans are almost finalized and the land is on step three of the process, we are on hold until the city zoning meeting. The meeting is in two weeks. Think I can make it without pulling out too much of my hair? I sure hope so!

Until then, I am flying with wings of hope.