And so it begins

Waking up Monday morning to get the precious children ready for school only to look out the window and see this:


School went from being a two-hour delay to canceling as road conditions worsened throughout the morning. The life of a school student. Needless to say, the boys were quite happy to go back to bed.

I enjoy all four seasons and am usually ready for winter by the time the first snow settles on everything. But this time, though the snow is pretty and peaceful, I can do without the bitter winds which accompanied the snow. And then proceeded to hang around even after the snow melted.

Welcome Winter! Please make yourself at home. Lay your white blanket anywhere you wish. Ice belongs in the kitchen freezer and those mind-numbing winds can stay in the Artic.



Simple Pleasures

A Walk in the Woods

Saturday afternoon the temperatures reached into the 40’s, and I could not resist taking a walk in the woods. I was accompanied by my daughter and the bright, warm sun. As we walked through the slumbering woods, I rejoiced when I saw green sprouts popping up through some of the cold, wet snow patches. This week meteorologists are calling for ice and more snow, but I would not allow any of those predictions to dampen my spirits as I continued our walk. Though we choose not to walk very far into the woods, the fresh air and warm sun was refreshing compared to the hot, forced air of the house. We procrastinated heading back home, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature’s pulse.