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Thankful Tuesday – Vacationland

The family and I spend a few days in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have never been there prior to this trip and we are already planning for next time. We stayed in a condo on the beach and enjoyed vacation our way: do nothing, plan little, above all: have fun. Of course, we did go exploring.

North Beach is beautiful and easy to navigate around to the aquarium, USS Lexington, various gift shops and restaurants, as well as the beaches. We had beach day on Saturday at Padre Island and took a deep sea fishing cruise Sunday evening from Port Aransas. And ate lots of fresh seafood. Every. Single. Night.

There are quite a few ghost stories about the North Beach area. A simple google search can generate a few that will lead you down various rabbit holes. We ate at Blackbeard’s, which is said to have a resident ghost, and the USS Lexington has a crew of them. I personally didn’t see any, but we had an odd experience at the restaurant with regards to my husbands phone. He had a mapping app open and it usually doesn’t move. Until he set it on the table and then the app acted as if someone was scrolling through the map showing various areas around the island we were on. Very odd. But harmless. (You can check out what the “professionals” say at ccspookcentral.com)

This Tuesday I am thankful for vacation, family, and having one more day before returning to the “real world” – aka: the office.

Photo Challenge: Water


Flying for work brought me over Lake Michigan and then down to the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida coast. If I had hours to spare, I would have sat down and enjoyed the waves crashing against the pier and the beach. But, I had a plane to catch.

KODAK Digital Still Cameraimg_6994 This is from the plane window, looking down west of Jacksonville, FL. The winding pattern reminded me of one of the original cell phone games – Snake. Snake

The Night Before The Night Before…

Family is starting to trickle into town. Friends are texting and calling to synchronize meet up times. Co-workers asking non-stop how things are going.

It’s getting pretty real around here…as if the wedding dress hanging in the teen’s room, or the 200 wedding bookmarks drying on the buffet table, or the bins piled by the doorway or the seven foot arch in the garage don’t scream “It’sTime!” Nah…I like having radom wedding favors and decorations around the house. Gives it a festive feel.


Not really. Not even close. But the chime announcing “just arrived at the hotel. See you in the morning” from my husband’s parents, now that makes it real.

This time tomorrow night, however, the hall will be decorated, the music practiced, the ceremony walked through (maybe a few times!), and the cake snug in the fridge awaiting it’s icing.IMG_5522

Here’s to a wonderful




Another Thing for the List…

In the midst of the Wedding of the Century, we decided now would be a great time to put the house on the market. Sounds about right in my world.

The realtor came to take photos, we had to move the wedding boxes and bins so they didn’t appear in the photos. And the boxes for storage and donation bins.

Within hours of posting online, we had some showings – which is good, but dang! We work and had to come home to make sure the cats were in the garage, the wedding stuff was decently stacked and general life was cleaned up.

I’m fine with the cleaning up and living in a state of Museum-like readiness, but did we really have to do this before the wedding? 🤦🏽‍♀️ What were we thinking? Maybe the paint fumes were too much. Maybe the stress of the wedding pushed us over the top. Maybe, just maybe, we thought what could make us go that extra mile into crazyville?

It’s not too horrible. Yes, there are packing materials in almost every room. Yes, there are wedding items around. Yes, we get to spend time before going to bed every night cleaning up the house to pristine levels in case the realtor calls.

The good news is the wedding is six days away and this time next week, those wedding bins and boxes will be sitting in storage. Allowing us the free time to purge stuff we don’t want or need, instead of making decorations or putting the finishing touches on flowers or table decorations.

Did I mention school starts for the teen in 3 days? It’s going to be a busy 6 days! Work, family coming in from out of state, school starting, a house showing, dress rehearsal, and then The Wedding of the Century!!

I didn’t take vacation days before the event. I figured the Monday after would be more relaxing – and most productive to get the house back to that museum-like state.

Cat exploring the boxes…

Pre-Wedding Crazies

With the bridal shower over and done, we are now able to really focus on the Big Day. And it’s coming fast! Maybe a little too fast!

Family and friends have been sending in their RSVP’s and we are chugging along.

What’s left to do? Make the wedding favors, of course. These are a little tricky. No theme. Just colors. Asking for a theme is like asking to pull a tooth. So we go with the direct question of: what do you want to give your guests as a small token of appreciation? Answers vary. My favorite one is the look of shock with a small “umm”. That’s always helpful to hear.

Seriously we have dwindled down the possibilities to one item and those will be in production next week. I’m hoping to have them done by the end of the weekend of the 15th.

Five. More. Weeks. Something old....very old. 53 yrs old.

Something old,

Something new.

Something borrowed,

Something blue.

The Wedding Zone

We are chugging along this wonderful whimsical road, heading towards “The Wedding Zone.” And oh the joy we are having!

My daughter doesn’t want to do the sand or a unity candle. She choose to demonstrate the combining of two families through her flower arrangements, using two colors: orange and blue. Orange for the bridesmaids and everyone on her side of the family. Navy blue for the groomsmen and everyone on his side of the family. But for the bride and groom, they get a mixture of them both.