Ghost Car App

My husband is an independent driver – does Uber or Lyft sound familiar? He drives and enjoys it. He is also a gadget guy and has found a driver app that allows drivers to share their actual location with another person – besides the regular app for the rider. I am unsure of the actual name of the app but that’s not really important in this post. What IS important is what this app is supposed to do. When the app is turned on, I receive a message which shows me his location – and whether or not he is online, enroute, or on a trip. This comes in handy when he is working late into the night or when we have an appointment and he isn’t home.

He has had this particular app for a few months and it has always shown his vehicle as a blank square. Can you see it in this picture? It’s an outline of a box. That’s all. I call it the Ghost Car. The car is not there. It’s just a box that moves along the highways.


Last week when we had all that wonderful white snow fall from the sky, he was Uber-ing and had to go to Illinois. The area in Illinois that he was traveling does not have Uber yet when he shared the location with me, guess what happened? If you guessed a car appeared, you are correct! Can you see the car that looks like it is sitting in the middle of nothing? That is him in Illinois.


Now what I don’t get is how does an area that has this particular driving app available NOT have a real car while an area that doesn’t, is able to show up as a car? I was so excited when I saw it appear that I had to take a screenshot. Partly because I wasn’t sure how long it would last. And it’s a good thing, too, because as soon as he jumped over to an Indiana tower, the car went back to being a ghost!

These are things that make me scratch my head… 🙂

Taking Back Control (I hope!)

Sometimes you just can’t help the lack of postings. In my case, I allowed life to keep me away from posting. Although, it hasn’t kept me from reading some of my favorite bloggers.

Having to work on a computer all day, sometimes the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is to sit in front of another white, blinding, bright screen. Yeah, I could dim the brightness of the monitor, but sometimes its just easier being lazy and not exert that last bit of exertion. After all, to truly relax you’re suppose to not do anything, right?

Work, kids, life aside, I have GOT to get back to my relaxing moments – especially after a grueling day of work. Not that I do manual labor, but I spend endless hours a day working with spreadsheets, claims, and reports…and then some…

I’m excited about the weather warming up. I plan to spend a great amount of time outdoors with the boys. They want to play some good old fashioned baseball (not on a team!) as well as spending time walking aimlessly up and down the river walk – camera in hand. The evenings will find us outside, staring up through binoculars at the twinkling lights in the sky.  The boys requested an astronomy lesson throughout the summer. (Home-school habits die hard!)

Spring is upon us and I’ve been cleaning house – how I enjoy adding papers to the shred pile! Thankfully, the 9-year-old actually likes to stand/sit with a pile of papers while feeding the machine. Sorting, tossing, shredding, scrubbing and packing – that’s the life for me…for now. Which reminds me of my dear, sweet, crazy mother and her packing competition. Almost everyday when we speak she informs me of the total number of boxes she has packed. Ok, she informs me of the amount she packed for the day as well as the total amount of packed boxes. I will be so thankful when they finally move out here. They feel the same way – we are all praying they will be out here by the end of May. They are beyond ready to get out of that state.

Until we meet again…enjoy!