Thankful Tuesday – Vacationland

The family and I spend a few days in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have never been there prior to this trip and we are already planning for next time. We stayed in a condo on the beach and enjoyed vacation our way: do nothing, plan little, above all: have fun. Of course, we did go exploring.

North Beach is beautiful and easy to navigate around to the aquarium, USS Lexington, various gift shops and restaurants, as well as the beaches. We had beach day on Saturday at Padre Island and took a deep sea fishing cruise Sunday evening from Port Aransas. And ate lots of fresh seafood. Every. Single. Night.

There are quite a few ghost stories about the North Beach area. A simple google search can generate a few that will lead you down various rabbit holes. We ate at Blackbeard’s, which is said to have a resident ghost, and the USS Lexington has a crew of them. I personally didn’t see any, but we had an odd experience at the restaurant with regards to my husbands phone. He had a mapping app open and it usually doesn’t move. Until he set it on the table and then the app acted as if someone was scrolling through the map showing various areas around the island we were on. Very odd. But harmless. (You can check out what the “professionals” say at

This Tuesday I am thankful for vacation, family, and having one more day before returning to the “real world” – aka: the office.

Another Thing for the List…

In the midst of the Wedding of the Century, we decided now would be a great time to put the house on the market. Sounds about right in my world.

The realtor came to take photos, we had to move the wedding boxes and bins so they didn’t appear in the photos. And the boxes for storage and donation bins.

Within hours of posting online, we had some showings – which is good, but dang! We work and had to come home to make sure the cats were in the garage, the wedding stuff was decently stacked and general life was cleaned up.

I’m fine with the cleaning up and living in a state of Museum-like readiness, but did we really have to do this before the wedding? 🤦🏽‍♀️ What were we thinking? Maybe the paint fumes were too much. Maybe the stress of the wedding pushed us over the top. Maybe, just maybe, we thought what could make us go that extra mile into crazyville?

It’s not too horrible. Yes, there are packing materials in almost every room. Yes, there are wedding items around. Yes, we get to spend time before going to bed every night cleaning up the house to pristine levels in case the realtor calls.

The good news is the wedding is six days away and this time next week, those wedding bins and boxes will be sitting in storage. Allowing us the free time to purge stuff we don’t want or need, instead of making decorations or putting the finishing touches on flowers or table decorations.

Did I mention school starts for the teen in 3 days? It’s going to be a busy 6 days! Work, family coming in from out of state, school starting, a house showing, dress rehearsal, and then The Wedding of the Century!!

I didn’t take vacation days before the event. I figured the Monday after would be more relaxing – and most productive to get the house back to that museum-like state.

Cat exploring the boxes…

Ghost Car App

My husband is an independent driver – does Uber or Lyft sound familiar? He drives and enjoys it. He is also a gadget guy and has found a driver app that allows drivers to share their actual location with another person – besides the regular app for the rider. I am unsure of the actual name of the app but that’s not really important in this post. What IS important is what this app is supposed to do. When the app is turned on, I receive a message which shows me his location – and whether or not he is online, enroute, or on a trip. This comes in handy when he is working late into the night or when we have an appointment and he isn’t home.

He has had this particular app for a few months and it has always shown his vehicle as a blank square. Can you see it in this picture? It’s an outline of a box. That’s all. I call it the Ghost Car. The car is not there. It’s just a box that moves along the highways.


Last week when we had all that wonderful white snow fall from the sky, he was Uber-ing and had to go to Illinois. The area in Illinois that he was traveling does not have Uber yet when he shared the location with me, guess what happened? If you guessed a car appeared, you are correct! Can you see the car that looks like it is sitting in the middle of nothing? That is him in Illinois.


Now what I don’t get is how does an area that has this particular driving app available NOT have a real car while an area that doesn’t, is able to show up as a car? I was so excited when I saw it appear that I had to take a screenshot. Partly because I wasn’t sure how long it would last. And it’s a good thing, too, because as soon as he jumped over to an Indiana tower, the car went back to being a ghost!

These are things that make me scratch my head… 🙂

What’s in Your Photo Gallery?

My life is turning into the crazy cat lady. Thankfully, I only have two. But I look at my photos on the phone and there are two or three photos of the cats to every one of my son. That has to scream “help!”

According to the teenager, this isn’t a cry for help. He assures me the photo ratio is perfectly normal since the cats are cute. I think it’s really his way of saying he doesn’t want to have his picture taken. But I’m just guessing…and I’m Mom, so I might not know what I’m talking about. (I don’t think he is at that stage yet, so I could still be smart.)

My goal now is to take other photos – I have others, but the cats are more interesting. Want to know the boring ones? Pictures of my odometer. Yep, had to travel for work and write down the mileage. Riveting, right?

Tomorrow I will get back to more interesting photos! Tonight, I leave you with the last one I took…

A Different View

Thankfully, January is OVER!

Working 50+ hours a week is not fun. I work in the corporate world in which claims have to be filed according to statutes. These statutes have no flexibility. So when the year started, there were 300+ claims to be checked and not enough hours in the day. There were three of us working 10 hours a day, with the sixth day being 5-8 hours. Talk about TIRED! BUT goals were met and happiness was spread throughout the land.


During the chaos from work, a nasty little virus named “bronchitis” came for a visit. Unfortunately, it definitely out stayed it’s welcome. Having spent almost the entire month in the house, the bug was finally stomped and the family was set free.

Just when I thought the month could slip away into the abyss without further issues, I receive a phone call from my husband. He decided he wanted a different perspective…with the truck. Thankfully, both of them were fine and the truck runs great.

Thankfully, we can now focus on February…and make January a distant memory.


Adventures of life with a teen

I may not understand my children 100% of the time, but what parent really does? Surely not me.

Having three of them hasn’t helped me. They are still like aliens to me at times. For instance, we were sitting in the truck, waiting for someone, when my teenage son blurts out “do you realize that teens and babies are similar?” I couldn’t help but think to myself where is this conversation going, but as the good mother that I am, I asked for clarification. Matt explains “all babies and teens so is whine, sleep, and complain.” As a mother, it makes me oh so happy to think that my brilliant NASA-leveled intellect of a son had an epiphany about babies and teenagers. Great.

Matt went on to ask which would I rather have, being that I am not a baby person. I reassured him that I will take teenagers over babies for two reasons: 1) teens can relieve themselves without any input or direction from me and 2) they are able to speak about what is bothering them – and if I desire, I can choose to not listen to them while doing so without the baggage of guilt.

Though I am not sure if he appreciated my honest answer – the whole ignoring the child part might have turned him off – but he followed up with asking “how did you ever survive having three children?” As if I would admit to being in the fetal position, with a pillow covering my head, while repeating “make it stop! make it stop!” In truth, it all goes to the credit of my husband and his crazy, insane shifts, allowing him to take care of the babies during the night so I can sleep blissfully unaware. (And no, I did not ignore my children as babies or toddlers. I was very much involved in their development and daily activities.)

What possesses a teen to compare himself to babies? Anyone have an answer for me? I wonder if it had anything to do with shopping at Walmart earlier and having to witness a full-blown toddler tantrum.

At any age, they all look sweet while asleep…