New Weekend: New Adventure 

On our way to the East Coast with a co-workers whale from her office. She’s never been to Jersey, so I decided to bring her whale. It’s the same thing – really!! 


A Different View

Thankfully, January is OVER!

Working 50+ hours a week is not fun. I work in the corporate world in which claims have to be filed according to statutes. These statutes have no flexibility. So when the year started, there were 300+ claims to be checked and not enough hours in the day. There were three of us working 10 hours a day, with the sixth day being 5-8 hours. Talk about TIRED! BUT goals were met and happiness was spread throughout the land.


During the chaos from work, a nasty little virus named “bronchitis” came for a visit. Unfortunately, it definitely out stayed it’s welcome. Having spent almost the entire month in the house, the bug was finally stomped and the family was set free.

Just when I thought the month could slip away into the abyss without further issues, I receive a phone call from my husband. He decided he wanted a different perspective…with the truck. Thankfully, both of them were fine and the truck runs great.

Thankfully, we can now focus on February…and make January a distant memory.


This App Makes My Head Spin

I have been traveling and using my handy dandy iPad to keep in touch with the “real” world. However, every time I tried to post, the Word Press app wouldn’t behave. After a few days aggravation, I walked away to return at a more calmer time. Mainly to prevent me from seeing just how high and far my iPad could travel. 😉

I believe this is now the 6th update it has had in a matter of weeks. And I am just as lost as I was the first time!

Thankfully, I still journal and therefore all my adventures are documented and I can easily share them with the world at large. I know what you are thinking – the entire world has been waiting for my fingers to fly across the keyboard once again. Yeah, well, I am not quite sure of that one. The world probably was just as happy when I didn’t share my inner thoughts.

I am going to give this a chance – just as I had in the past with the other updates and what-nots. I might not be “old” but sometimes when they update these electronics, it makes my head spin!

Here’s to a fabulous Fall Season! And a more regularly updated blog!!

(It would be nice if I could link other blogs to this like we can on the actual website…just a thought!)

And just when I thought this latest one would work – it deleted my post!!! Ha!!


Adventures of life with a teen

I may not understand my children 100% of the time, but what parent really does? Surely not me.

Having three of them hasn’t helped me. They are still like aliens to me at times. For instance, we were sitting in the truck, waiting for someone, when my teenage son blurts out “do you realize that teens and babies are similar?” I couldn’t help but think to myself where is this conversation going, but as the good mother that I am, I asked for clarification. Matt explains “all babies and teens so is whine, sleep, and complain.” As a mother, it makes me oh so happy to think that my brilliant NASA-leveled intellect of a son had an epiphany about babies and teenagers. Great.

Matt went on to ask which would I rather have, being that I am not a baby person. I reassured him that I will take teenagers over babies for two reasons: 1) teens can relieve themselves without any input or direction from me and 2) they are able to speak about what is bothering them – and if I desire, I can choose to not listen to them while doing so without the baggage of guilt.

Though I am not sure if he appreciated my honest answer – the whole ignoring the child part might have turned him off – but he followed up with asking “how did you ever survive having three children?” As if I would admit to being in the fetal position, with a pillow covering my head, while repeating “make it stop! make it stop!” In truth, it all goes to the credit of my husband and his crazy, insane shifts, allowing him to take care of the babies during the night so I can sleep blissfully unaware. (And no, I did not ignore my children as babies or toddlers. I was very much involved in their development and daily activities.)

What possesses a teen to compare himself to babies? Anyone have an answer for me? I wonder if it had anything to do with shopping at Walmart earlier and having to witness a full-blown toddler tantrum.

At any age, they all look sweet while asleep…



The Big 4-OH!

Birthdays have been celebrated by a phone call, card in the mail, or silly emails amongst friends and family. This year, however, while I was hoping for my birthday to fly under the radar…yeah, like THAT was going to happen!

Turning a milestone age is like having a bright neon arrow pointing at you for the entire world to see. Or in this case, black crate paper twisting around the ceiling the entire length of the hallway.

I arrived at work to a doorway of black…around the office was strung signs of old age…literally. “Over the Hill” and “Entering the Golden Years” were hanging from the door, window, walls, and desk.


“Over the Hill” and “Entering the Golden Years” were among the signs hanging around my office.


Yeah, I heard them all. Right down to the box of Polygrip and corn cushions my boss gave me.


The highlight of the day was the cake – my good friend made sure I had THE perfect one. Who else would argue with a baker for a Christmas cake in March?


Though we don’t usually celebrate birthday’s in outrageous ways, I must say this one is among my favorites. The birthday celebration carried on through the week and officially ended this past Sunday – after a trip to Kentucky which was given as a birthday gift! More about that trip later…


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Welcome to Atlantic City.


The airline hostess explains the debriefing process and points to the tarmac of the Atlantic City airport. You stand up, take your carry-on luggage and off you go to the car rental booth. The airport started out as a municipal airfield and is considered one of the first in the country.

You leave the airport behind, thanking God for the invention of GPS as you make your way along the roadways to your hotel/casino along the beach. You pull up in front of the hotel, allow the valet to take your car into the six-story parking garage, and check into your hotel room. (Let’s face it, you can afford the best on this trip!) Up to the top floor you go and look out the window to see the breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean sprinkled with sun sparkles.


You let yourself get lost in the moment before going over your mental list of what you hope to accomplish in the next day. First thing’s first, you head down to the casino to see for yourself what the lure of the glimmering lights are about.

You can hear the musical dance of the slot machines before you enter the doorway, where your ID is checked by the doormen (after all, you are as young as you feel). The room opens up to rows of machines and tables where people are placing bets and laying down cards. What a sight.


You sit, play a few hands and win before strolling outside in search of lunch. When you exit the building, the wind off the ocean greets you and plays with your hair. Taking a deep breath, you can smell and almost taste the salt in the air. The seagulls are racing each other along the beach to the sounds of laughing children. The beach is a sea of umbrellas and blankets, sprinkled with a touch of sunglasses, suntanned bodies, and flip-flops.


The boardwalk is only 5 miles in length and was the first in the country. There are a multitude of shops, arcades, game booths, food stands, and bars lining the boardwalk. Lunch is served at Animations, located in Bally’s Park Place Casino & Resort. Handy if you wanted to drop in for another round of Black Jack or Texas Hold ‘Em.

You stroll further along to Steel Pier where there are multitudes of games and rides. Looking over the edge of the pier, the Atlantic Ocean seems endless. You spot a few large boats along the horizon and momentarily wonder if they are fishing boats or large container ships, heading towards the New York Harbor. You feel as if you are in your own world here. As you spin around, you decide to ride Crazy Mouse as a tribute to your youth when rattling cars on rails didn’t make you fear for your life.


Afterwards you decide to drive over to the Absecon Lighthouse, located on the northern end of Atlantic City. The Absecon Lighthouse is the tallest in the state of New Jersey and is third tallest masonry lighthouse in the United States. The lighthouse construction took three years to complete, lighting the Absecon Inlet for the first time on January 15, 1857. Although the lighthouse was deactivated in 1933, the light still shines every night.


As the afternoon fades into evening, you see another side of Atlantic City. The neon lights of the hotels and casinos seem to wake up the city even more as strings of cars make their way into the many parking garages of the casinos. After dinner, you find yourself sitting on the beach, watching the moon brighten the darkening sky. Turning towards the Boardwalk Hall, you enjoy the free 3D Light & Sound Show, Duality on the facade of the Boardwalk Hall.


As the laser lights dance you reflect on your day and hope to make it back in August to watch Thunder Over the Boardwalk – a fantastic display of various military planes that fly anywhere from 50 feet to 14,000 feet above the water. But for today, now, the escape from the daily craziness of life was worth the short trip. Next time, you might fly into Newark Airport and drive down the Garden State Parkway to experience the rest of what Jersey has to offer. Until then, you make your way back to your hotel for a good nights rest before flying back to the real world.


Ditching Those Resolutions…

You remember a few weeks ago when everyone was counting down to the “new year”? They would say “this is the year that I’m going to do…(fill in the blank)” or proclaim in front of the room that 2013 is going to be “their year because … (enter some other far-fetched goal/idea)”. Yeah, well, today is the day they can change their mind, come to their senses, or just admit they were really reaching with their bright idea. All without guilt, too.


I am here to tell you that today is dedicated to ditching those useless, silly, or said-on-a-whim resolutions. Can you believe that? According to Everyday is a Holiday (it’s a real website, too) today has been designated as National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. Really. It’s printed in black and white on my desk calendar…(which is printed from Everyday is a Holiday).

I decided in honor or tribute to this fabulous day, I would ditch one of my crazy schemes I had decided would help mark out 2013 in my life. What am I going to push aside to the trash can? Well, the thing is, I haven’t really came up with something worth ditching – but that could be my “resolution”. What do you think? Does that count? I am going to ditch the resolution of coming up with a worthy enough resolution to ditch. (Did you have to read that last sentence twice? I did…now I bet you did just to make sure you didn’t miss something the first time.)

I missed celebrating the Super Bowl’s birthday this past Tuesday (yes, I am a fan of American Football – no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you!) so I was determined to participate in today’s grand event.


Tomorrow is Winnie the Pooh Day – for all you out in cyberspace who love the yellow bear and his honey pot.


Until we chat again, have a great day and Happy Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day!