Trauma of the week

This is a total rant. A rant about those darn electronic gadgets that, though are not a necessity, add a little joy and ease to daily chores and hobbies. My computer. I can accept the passing of a computer companion, one that has stood by the daily rants and raves, the excitement, the heartbreak, the search upon search of some distant family member, but only after a fair amount of time has passed. For example, my earlier computer had been my pal for years. I edited pictures, posted blogs, updated profile statuses, even searched through cemetery headstones. My laptop went everywhere with me. I took it on many road trips–business and pleasure. It went to Texas, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Idaho; you get the picture. So when the laptop was running on its last legs, I went in search of a new computer. 

Nothing could replace my reliable, old laptop, but I needed something which could handle the pressure of newer software and updated gadgets, widgets, whatever. Last November, after a long, long, l-o-n-g search, I found the upgrade desktop required. I was slowly getting use to the new shortcuts, the touch screen, the different abilities, etc. until this past week. One simple game, one small key stroke of the board and BANG! Death immediately came to the computer. It would not recognize the disk drives. Talk about anguish. I did not want to accept the undeniable truth: the computer was gone at the age of 3 months.

~ good-bye ol pal ~

I did what any normal, rational person did – I left the house and hoped when I returned the computer would give me the happy delightful welcoming screen I had grown to know and love. I was terribly wrong. Granted, I did not really think had I ignored it, the computer would magically fix itself. But one could hope. Especially when one spent 4 hours doing research and saved everything to the desktop without sending it to an email address for back-up. Depression set in. I was heartbroken and aggravated and mad all at the same time. Why hadn’t I just backed up my research like I usually do? Why didn’t I place those pictures on the flash drive? Why? Why? Why? Huff…Regardless, it is what it is. Gone. Dead. Poof. The pain. The agony. The unbelievable disruption of my daily veg-time.

Oh, it was never-ending. My saved web pages. My passwords. My saved notes. My emails. I became more depressed as each item I lost became more clear in my mind. I ended up not touching the “loaner” for 2 days. (Please note, I usually do not get on my computer until after work at about 6-6:30 pm. So I was genuinely not at home TO touch it.) Sometimes, you just want what is yours.

To end on a positive note, one not so whiny, I am hoping while my computer is in the shop, the service techs will fix the CD Drive. They say it will take a week for the entire process of servicing my computer. I can handle it–I promise.

~ perfect sunset ~

My positive quote of the week:  ~ Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~ Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941