Boogie Monsters – real or imagined

I was skipping along, reading various blogs when I came across the WP Topic blogs. Today’s blog–or perhaps it was yesterday’s–asked the question: What keeps you up at night? I have some thoughts on this one, as I sit here at 5 am on a Saturday.

The mind is a powerful thing and it is very good at playing games during those “weak” moments, usually occurring in the wee hours of the night. For example, my 19 year daughter works crazy shifts, sometimes she won’t come home until after midnight. We live close to her place of work–she can walk there under ten minutes, driving is even less. But those darn statistics have shown most accidents occur within a few miles of home. I leave the outside and kitchen lights on for her because I don’t want her to trip or get hurt. Then there are the thoughts of what could happen in the creepy parking lot at night. Does my mind even consider the fact that 1) she parks under a light near the doors, 2) all the employees leave in groups, never alone, or 3) we do not live in cities which come close to the crime I grew up with? Nope. Not even a little. I might be able to convince my mind to “shut down” for a bit, but I don’t sleep as well as I would if she were home.

Another mind game is my “to do” list. Did I finish all the laundry? Did I remember to scrub the bathtub? Oh! I had a dish soaking in the sink, did I finish cleaning it and put it away? Did the boys take their baths/showers? Is their homework finished? Did they finish reading their library books? Do they have a report this week or is it next? When are the books due back at the library? Did they study for the test? These are just random questions, fluttering around in my sleepy mind.

Then I have my nightly walk. If I wake up during the night, the first thought is “did the front door get locked?” Sometimes I don’t know the answer because I went to bed before everyone was home. My daughter could have come home late and forgotten to lock up behind her. My son might have forgotten to lock the door when he came in. If my husband worked late, he might have done the same. So, of course, I have to get out of bed and check out the front and back doors to verify they are dead bolted and locked.

People are up for various reasons: finances, relationships, excitement about an upcoming event, napping during the evening before or perhaps going to bed too early. Sleeping during the afternoon is something I am guilty of during the weekend. I also find it hard to sleep if I know something big or major will occur in the near future.

Pain is another reason I am up during the dark hours. I suffer from some back problems and if I am unable to get comfortable enough to sleep, I usually end up sending my brother a text or calling him as he is usually up for the same reason, too.

Last night I kept waking up because of nightmares. I wasn’t being chased by a horrible monster, but my dreams included things exploding. A closet, the front door, a large glass office, random buildings, and even car explosions. Why would I dream of explosions? Most likely it was due in part to the last show I watched–there was a big explosion towards the ending.

Occasionally there will be times like today, where I am wide awake at 5 am and wondering “why?” These moments force me to walk through my mental list: kids are all home – check; house locked – checked; laundry and chores completed – check; 8 yr old has a birthday party today, does he have a gift – not yet, but I didn’t find out until after 8 pm last night, okay moving on; 13 yr old is going to his friend’s house in the morning, does he have a ride? I’m bringing him – check. There isn’t a darn thing bothering me. So why am I wide awake on a day I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn? Good question…perhaps I will never know. But that’s okay. It gave me the time to read some blogs and write this up. I have to edit it before posting, but there it is. Something which would not have been typed had I not been up early in the morning on a Saturday. 🙂

~Have a great weekend~