Pre-Wedding Crazies

With the bridal shower over and done, we are now able to really focus on the Big Day. And it’s coming fast! Maybe a little too fast!

Family and friends have been sending in their RSVP’s and we are chugging along.

What’s left to do? Make the wedding favors, of course. These are a little tricky. No theme. Just colors. Asking for a theme is like asking to pull a tooth. So we go with the direct question of: what do you want to give your guests as a small token of appreciation? Answers vary. My favorite one is the look of shock with a small “umm”. That’s always helpful to hear.

Seriously we have dwindled down the possibilities to one item and those will be in production next week. I’m hoping to have them done by the end of the weekend of the 15th.

Five. More. Weeks. Something old....very old. 53 yrs old.

Something old,

Something new.

Something borrowed,

Something blue.


The Wedding Zone

We are chugging along this wonderful whimsical road, heading towards “The Wedding Zone.” And oh the joy we are having!

My daughter doesn’t want to do the sand or a unity candle. She choose to demonstrate the combining of two families through her flower arrangements, using two colors: orange and blue. Orange for the bridesmaids and everyone on her side of the family. Navy blue for the groomsmen and everyone on his side of the family. But for the bride and groom, they get a mixture of them both.

The July Wedding

The past couple months was dedicated to wearing the “Wedding Planner” hat.

When a good friend of mine became engaged, I told her part of her gift would be her flowers. As in I would make them for her.This included the wrist corsages and boutonnieres in addition to those for the bridesmaids. Not to mention the mini-bride, junior bridesmaids, and flower girl.

Flowers snowballed into decorating details for the entire reception. At first I was a bit shocked and concerned, but once we started working together, everything fell into place.

I spent almost every weekend since April working on some aspect of her wedding. The hardest part was over – she knew her colors and what types of flowers she wanted. The rest was the minor headaches – tablecloths, center pieces, head and cake table, backdrop, etc.

My children helped on Friday to decorate the community hall. Afterwards, my darling daughter comments that when it’s her turn to get married, she will not have green. To which my wonderful son agreed.

This is a close-up of the shadow box I made for them. I made their invitation with their names and date as the central visual point. I also used some left-over ribbon and roses to decorate the outside.

The decorating took us four hours yet the take-down was a half-hour. The kids couldn’t believe the difference – I explained putting the decorations up everything has to be perfect, but taking down, as long as nothing gets broken, the decorations can go into any box available.

The head table and the backdrop.

               The view of the head table from the entryway.

Sitting in the chair is my teenager, anticipating the moment we can exit the building as he watches me take a few shots.

                                                                                   You can’t see them, but there are green and purple Gerber daisies to place in the tall vases with the same color water beads. I also had colored water in star candle holders, with two candles floating in them. (My youngest smiling for the camera.)

 The newly weds posing for pictures.

At the end of the night, both of their mothers came up to me and complemented on how everything looked. But I really made their nights when they asked how they could help take down and I told them to just go home and relax.