Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

  My youngest son’s elementary school held a performance for families. It was entitled: “A Pirate’s Christmas“.

It was a twisted tale of how White Beard (AKA: Santa) helped the pirates understand that it is better to give then to receive. Or in the case of the pirates – to take what isn’t theirs.

The little boy, in the footsteps of his bigger brother, hammed it up.

But then again, I think all the 4th graders were having a blast while exaggerating their performance.

Once White Beard and his merry men brought the pirates to the North Pole, the head pirate – sorry, I can’t remember the name – convinced his followers that White Beard was off his rocker. Or was it off the boat?

Either way, the pirates learned and accepted that the practice of giving was much more lucrative than taking what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted, well, you get the picture…

During the performance these little pirates and elves sang Christmas songs drenched in pirate verses. It was a cute little show – one I will enjoy sharing in person with my parents once they make “the move”.

Note to self: Sit in the bleachers – the floor seats have extreme limited sight…as in I saw glimpses of the stage through out the show thanks to many children and adults who moved around. Thankfully my husband was on the aisle and was able to get many pictures and videos of the performance. So yeah, next year – I’m sitting up high. 🙂


Warning: Christmas Talk…

For those of you who don’t want to hear about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, you may want to leave as I will be speaking about the upcoming Birthday Bash in December. 

A few weeks ago, my church hosted a Trunk o’ Treat for the kids in the community. Having a strong dislike for Halloween, I opted to be a little different in decorating my truck. My oldest son and I decked the back of the truck in Christmas. I had my 2 foot battery operated tree, the regular 6 foot pencil tree (my $5 yard sale find last year!) and a ton of other Christmas decorations to get the kids all warm and fuzzy. 

But that’s not the point of this post. The point of today’s post is why my house is decorated for Christmas. Having had a good portion of my decorations jostled about in the garage due to the Trunk o’ Treat, I decided to decorate the inside of the house instead of putting everything back in their respective boxes and bins. 

Now I know it might seem like a sacrifice to put Christmas out before the end of October, because, lets face it, the majority of people put it up the weekend of Thanksgiving or the beginning of December. That would be the “normal” people, as my husband likes to remind me. (Thank you, dearest!) However, I took a deep breath and pushed forward to rearrange the furniture, dust, vacuum, and rotate pictures and the general “dust collecting” nick knacks that we all love. And now the house is complete. Well, the inside is – including the bedrooms and bathroom, which I hadn’t planned on finishing as my daughter doesn’t usually put her bedroom tree up until after her birthday. (Refer to the normal persons decorating schedule I mentioned before.)    

So why do I decorate for Christmas weeks earlier than most people? To put it simply, it’s a giant birthday party for Christ. I mean as a parent, I decorate my house for each of my children’s birthdays. I hang a huge banner, announcing Happy Birthday to all who walk in the door. I have helium filled balloons tied to their beds before they wake. These same balloons are then transferred to the kitchen chairs once the child starts moving around. I have a birthday centerpiece for the table and crape paper dangling from the ceiling. The point is, when someone walks into my house, they know something exciting is taking place. That is what I try to present when people come into my house in the weeks building up before Christmas – only on a larger scale. After all, without the birth of Christ, there wouldn’t have been the crucifixion or the resurrection. It’s amazing how a single baby thousands of years ago can change the entire world.