Tuesday’s Treasures

I’m reading

A False Mirror by Charles Todd


I started this one on Saturday and am about half-way through. This book is one of his Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries. The book takes place in England, in a coastal town where the Scotland Yard inspector has to sort through the gossip that seems to run rampant throughout this small town. So far, I’d have to say it’s a good story. One which keeps you interested as you shadow the inspector on his quest for the truth.

I’m playing

Math mind games with my sons.

As part of their summer studies, I have made a scavenger hunt using math. In order for them to get to the next clue they have to solve a math problem, each according to their age level. The boys have to work together and they seem to be enjoying it. I’ve hidden small treasures around the house for them as they complete the problems.

I’m cooking

spaghetti and meatballs

I haven’t made any s’getti’s in a few weeks so I figured what the heck. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made pasta, but not the long, skinny type.

I’m listening to

“The Forgotten Years” by Midnight Oil

I can thank my husband for getting me hooked on this Australian band back in the 90’s. He took me into Philadelphia to watch them perform. I never heard of them but he was determined to get me to listen to his “crazy” music. I didn’t resist or anything. In fact I was looking forward to it. One of his buddies thought he was crazy for bringing me because I didn’t know any of their music. Thankfully, he didn’t listen to his friend. I might not have known who Midnight Oil was going into the show, but I was hooked leaving it. I bought their latest album and literally played it to death. (That was back when cassettes were big.) I had a great time and very interested to listen to more of his music.

Picture of the week: