Summertime Surprises




Every week seems to bring a new surprise. After the snow decided to leave once and for all – we noticed sections around the yard have bloomed into various flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Tulips, Iris, Carnations, Crocuses and Roses.



By the end of May, I discovered a huge strawberry patch (these babies are

20140607-184550-67550869.jpg growing all around the house) and the unknown dead-looking plant is a lively grape vine.















Last week, after being attacked by low hanging branches, my husband went out to trim the offending branches. Only instead of being random tree limbs, he realized they were fruit trees: cherries, peaches, and crabapples.






~ Isn’t life sweet?! ~


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

We were at Patoka Lake yesterday for the annual “Thunder over the Patoka” Fourth of July fireworks show. I am a big sucker for water, sunset, and clouds for photo settings. I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better for this weeks photo challenge so I uploaded both. We all took turns deciding what the bottom cloud looked like. Everything from dinosaur to anvil was suggested. It was a great way to spend a few quality family moments.