Something Small Comes Along…

While visiting my brother in Texas, we saw these little critters crawling on his rose bush. 


Summertime Surprises




Every week seems to bring a new surprise. After the snow decided to leave once and for all – we noticed sections around the yard have bloomed into various flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Tulips, Iris, Carnations, Crocuses and Roses.



By the end of May, I discovered a huge strawberry patch (these babies are

20140607-184550-67550869.jpg growing all around the house) and the unknown dead-looking plant is a lively grape vine.















Last week, after being attacked by low hanging branches, my husband went out to trim the offending branches. Only instead of being random tree limbs, he realized they were fruit trees: cherries, peaches, and crabapples.






~ Isn’t life sweet?! ~


Event Planning Remembered

Once upon a time, in a universe far, far away, I use to work in a home-based business of event planning. I have worked on weddings, birthdays (children’s and adults), graduations, showers, anniversaries, retirements, promotions, dedications, after-prom parties, sporting events, and even general “just because” celebrations. I enjoyed working with people and helping them realize their dreams for their special moments in life. Though the work was sometimes long, the results were worth it.

I remember gathering up decorations, ribbons, bows, flowers, trinkets, pictures, and various other oddities which happened to come across my path for events in the making. From flowers to party favors, I had a blast.

Why am I bringing this up now after almost ten years? Simply for the fact that I am again helping a soon-to-be-bride with her wedding. Though it’s only a small part in the planning process, it’s among the most important. After all, what is a bride to do with her nervous hands if she isn’t holding a bouquet?

Working on her flowers, party favors and other small details she hadn’t thought of, the process has made me think back to the days when I would drive around town and walk miles of store floors on a quest to find a particular item. I can still feel the excitement build up within my stomach as if butterflies were taking flight while searching through shelves of items. From knickknacks to flower baskets to beads to confetti, I can recall each detail of each event. The sweet scent of the flowers in a floral shop for a retirement dinner. The strong smells of perfumes and cologne which seemed to follow me throughout the department stores as I put together gift bags for a woman’s 50th birthday. The sounds of the clanking metal on golf clubs for a man’s retreat. The process of sitting with the hostess, working through colors and themes, trying to get a picture of what their ideas look like or helping them form cohesive ideas. The whole process built with creativity and imagination. These are moments etched into my memory, being brought back to life as I work on the arrangements for the next event, as if my memories were part of a scratch and sniff sticker. With each cutting of a stem or inserting the ribbon, the past seemed that much closer. It was a time when I was working and enjoying every moment of it.

I have some pictures of the flowers I have worked on and decided to share them with you. Due to the fact there is still almost a year before the wedding, and I wanted to offer her the ability to change her mind or add suggestions, none of the flowers are glued or taped permanently, so excuse any wires you might see.

The left side is a bridesmaid bouquet – top and stem. The right sides are two wrist corsages I made for her to decide upon. The top right is a ribbon corsage made of the same green and purple ribbons I used on the bouquet’s stem. Again, these are made for the purpose of seeing possibilities.  Although, she has decided to keep the bridesmaids and her own bouquets as I made them, I have not cut them to the proper sizes. Hers is a solid green rose bouquet with the white pearl water droplets which I posted as part of my Photo Challenge: Round picture.

Photo Challenge: Round

I’ve been working on some bridal bouquets for a few weddings I’m assisting with. I love green and when the bride-to-be brought me some green silk roses, I had to take a picture of them. I really, really had to!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

an ocean of strawberries

Having lived along the Atlantic Ocean for 15 years with yearly visits, I was going to thumb through my pictures for this challenge. But then I decided to take a different route. I had purchased strawberries from a school fundraiser which arrived Monday night. As I was looking at the flat of strawberries, toppling over the edges of the box as I brought them into the kitchen, the words “photo-op” were screaming in my ears. Well, not literally, of course. But as my camera is never further than an arm’s length away, I had absolutely no choice. The camera was taunting me.

“Hey, take a pic! Look at how huge those strawberries are! They are overflowing the box, for goodness sake. They need to be photographed. You know you can’t deny the pull of the camera.”

I took out my camera and started taking pictures from all angles, using different settings for light, color, perspective. With the dinning room light on, with it off, flash, no flash. You get the point.

Strawberries are part of nature’s way of welcoming the warm weather after months of dreary, cold winter. The bright red representing the stop light signalling the end of snow. Yeah, nature gets mixed up now and then, mixing in those beautiful warm days in the midst of cold, rainy days. Which is okay when you consider strawberries are a little confused, too. Strawberries are not berries, they are fruit that is part of the rose family. So you see, strawberries and spring go together perfectly.

How did I get to strawberries from ocean? Easily enough…there is an ocean of strawberries over taking my refrigerator crisper drawer. The quantity is overwhelming. When first walking into the house there is a faint smell of strawberries. The scent becomes more noticeable the closer you move to the refrigerator. Open the door and the delicious scent of fresh strawberries assaults the nose, kicking taste buds into high gear, anticipating the taste of a plump strawberry.

Oceans of strawberries…Welcome Spring!