Thankful Tuesday – Vacationland

The family and I spend a few days in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have never been there prior to this trip and we are already planning for next time. We stayed in a condo on the beach and enjoyed vacation our way: do nothing, plan little, above all: have fun. Of course, we did go exploring.

North Beach is beautiful and easy to navigate around to the aquarium, USS Lexington, various gift shops and restaurants, as well as the beaches. We had beach day on Saturday at Padre Island and took a deep sea fishing cruise Sunday evening from Port Aransas. And ate lots of fresh seafood. Every. Single. Night.

There are quite a few ghost stories about the North Beach area. A simple google search can generate a few that will lead you down various rabbit holes. We ate at Blackbeard’s, which is said to have a resident ghost, and the USS Lexington has a crew of them. I personally didn’t see any, but we had an odd experience at the restaurant with regards to my husbands phone. He had a mapping app open and it usually doesn’t move. Until he set it on the table and then the app acted as if someone was scrolling through the map showing various areas around the island we were on. Very odd. But harmless. (You can check out what the “professionals” say at

This Tuesday I am thankful for vacation, family, and having one more day before returning to the “real world” – aka: the office.

Photo Challenge: Water


Flying for work brought me over Lake Michigan and then down to the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida coast. If I had hours to spare, I would have sat down and enjoyed the waves crashing against the pier and the beach. But, I had a plane to catch.

KODAK Digital Still Cameraimg_6994 This is from the plane window, looking down west of Jacksonville, FL. The winding pattern reminded me of one of the original cell phone games – Snake. Snake

Spring Break 2018

Ahhh..spring break. Images of beaches, carefree moments, and late nights come to mind. No alarms. No schedules. No stress.

We were more than happy to pack up our car and head south as local temperatures were dipping into the 30’s – again! I heard they even had some snow in places since we left.

lasso the sun

Florida temps are not in the 30’s and the sun has been proving it really does exist. In fact, we are trying to figure out a way to lasso the sun to bring back with us when we leave! Who wants 30 degree weather when 70’s exist without the threat of snow or ice?



Here is a summary of our days along the Gulf coast so far…you are welcome!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Joys in the little things

This has been a great few days in California. And productive…ugh. Talking about work, I know. But it has been good all around. 

Landing Sunday was by far a good choice. Who wants to spend a few hours in a truck after being on a five hour flight? Not me!

While performing the highway study I was sent out to do, the driver pointed out some local tidbits. You know things that don’t show up on tourist sites. Things like: a Tiki- themed drive-in movie. Or animals made from metal scraps. 

Or a gas station from 1915 and the parking lot from Back to the Future where Marty sped off into the past. Pretty cool places if you speak with the locals. 

Perhaps one of my favorite finds was a blast from my past: Jersey’s Mike’s Subs! 

Who would have thought I had to go to the West Coast to get lunch from one of my favorite places to eat on the East Coast? Yes, this picture made my husband jealous. We already planned to go there while visiting next week. But I was able to get a preview!! 

Can’t wait to see what today brings!