The roof did what?

Monday morning started typical enough at 5 am–alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze. Only the second snooze didn’t “take”. I lifted my head to see if I hit the wrong button. I use my cell phone as an alarm. Silly me, my alarm and the ring sound the same. Yeah, I corrected that problem.

I squinted at the numbers and read Jasper Schools. Crap! I sat up, tapped the answer key as thoughts of the previous weeks tornadoes passed through my mind. What could the school corporation be calling about this morning?

To cancel school, of course! My mind slowed down enough to process the information being spoken through the recorded voice of the school superintendent. I heard “all schools are closed because of an emergency at the high school”. At the high school? But my kids don’t attend the high school. What emergency could affect the entire school district?

Do you think the recorded voice could expand on that point? Nope. Instead I listened to the run down of all the closed schools in the district–as if I somehow missed that point when the recording said “ALL schools are closed”.

At the end of the ten minute message, the answer came. The high school’s gymnasium roof collapsed during the night. Ahh! That would explain it. Wait…what?!

Here are some pictures sent from the firemen who responded to the clean-up. Yikes!

That would be the ceiling on top of the bleachers….looking outside…scoreboard on the ground….basketball hoop on the floor…

Scary! Thankfully, no one was in the gym at the time of the collapse. The cause of the collapse was due to the heavy rains we have been having in the area over the past three weeks. Out of the past 17 days, 13 days were rain. From Sunday night brought 2 inches of the expected 6 inches over a 3-day period.

The good little children returned to school on Tuesday, except the high school, which returned to school today.

Now the school district is searching for a reasonable place for their graduation ceremony, which is to be held in 2 weeks.