My “About Me” Page…

2018 Update:

Empty nest syndrome is in medium gear. Two of the three kids are out of the house. The youngest is a sophomore in high school and working towards his drivers license. In this state he has to wait until August to actually get his license but it sort of freaks me out to think he is old enough to drive.

The parental units are officially residents of Indiana. Yay!!

I am challenging myself to post everyday in 2018. Either on my photoblog or this one.

There you have it!

Best Regards!



4 thoughts on “My “About Me” Page…

  1. It is so nice to meet you and get to know you MJ~ I am so glad you decided to keep blogging. If you did it once you can do it again. I admire that you were able to home school kids. I have a 17 year old in high school. It has been most challenging. I will be back to read your blog entries. Your new friend, Jackie.

    • Thanks, Jackie. I home schooled for many years and when the season ended, there was no doubts as to what I needed to do, just as there were no doubts in starting. 🙂 It was a wonderful blessing to teach and get to know the kids in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise. 🙂

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