Tidbits About Me

I love photography.

I journal most days — jotting down ideas, thoughts, and any thing else that pops into my mind.

My prayer list may be long, but my praise list will always be longer!

I haven’t found a book I don’t like. Okay, maybe one or two, but that is out of a life-time of reading.

I am a self-proclaimed movie-addict. There are no recovery steps for this one!

My family is my life. I have a great husband and three entertaining children.

I love Christmas. I watch Christmas movies and sing Christmas songs all year round.

I love frogs and collect Statue of Liberty memorabilia.

I have lived in three different states: the East Coast, the South, and the Midwest.

My idea of comfy attire is a sweat shirt and flannel jammie pants – socks are optional.

I love The Wizard of Oz -memories of watching it with my grandmother.

I am the youngest of four children.

I grew up with 8 dogs and a ton of fish. Now I have cats…

I believe you can never be too old to learn new things or meet new people.

I became a GRANDMA for the first time! Add that to my collection of hats! 🙂

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