Dream Jobs Come True in Other Ways

Today’s post is a response from Plinky‘s question: What was your childhood dream job?

Sometimes a kid knows what they want to be and that’s what they intend to be. They don’t explore other options or think about some other career choice. They want to be [blank] and that’s all there is to it. Having my own children has led me to see just how different personality types are. My oldest wanted to be a vet throughout her entire childhood and even high school graduation. She took a year off from school as she explored different avenues and decided she would like to be a nurse instead. She is now enrolled to attend this fall. Meanwhile, her younger brothers have their own ideas. My teenager went from wanting to be an astronaut to being a fireman to being an army guy to being a scientist. He wants to work with technology and computers. It’s his knack, he enjoys putting things together and taking them apart–regardless of materials used in the making of it. The youngest announced just last week that he wants to be in the air force. He wants to help defend our country so we can continue to enjoy our freedoms. The kid is only 9 and has plenty of time to change his mind. Having thought about their dreams allowed me to dwell on what I had thought would be the perfect job.

Dallas Moon

As a small child, and we are talking from early childhood to about the 4th grade, I wanted to be a teacher. Sometime during my 5th grade art classes, I decided I wanted to be an architecture. I loved when my family would drive through Fort Worth or Dallas, or the many other different cities we traveled, and just admire some of the architecture of the various buildings. I mean someone had to dream about it before making those massive glass towers, right?

I pretty much kept with architectural dreams until high school. I was taking mechanical drawing classes and during one of the challenges we had, my teacher asked me about architectural engineering. Apparently he saw something in me I didn’t realize existed. Hmm sounds interesting enough. I researched it and decided okay, that was a good specific course of study.

Then life happened and the school I was accepted in my mother didn’t want me to attend due to its unsafe city. I guess having barbed wires running around the tops of the stone walls surrounding the campus was a turn-off.

My life has changed and moved through different directions since graduation, and though I am not an architectural engineer, I have engineered the lives of my children through homeschooling and general every day life.

I am in the midst of doing part of my dream job, though. We are building a house and I have been very involved in designing it. The plans have been redesigned about four times now and I have enjoyed every moment of it. We are only in the beginning stages and I am looking forward to see each stage through completion — all the way to the day we move.

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