Photo Challenge: Water


Flying for work brought me over Lake Michigan and then down to the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida coast. If I had hours to spare, I would have sat down and enjoyed the waves crashing against the pier and the beach. But, I had a plane to catch.

KODAK Digital Still Cameraimg_6994 This is from the plane window, looking down west of Jacksonville, FL. The winding pattern reminded me of one of the original cell phone games – Snake. Snake


What’s in Your Photo Gallery?

My life is turning into the crazy cat lady. Thankfully, I only have two. But I look at my photos on the phone and there are two or three photos of the cats to every one of my son. That has to scream “help!”

According to the teenager, this isn’t a cry for help. He assures me the photo ratio is perfectly normal since the cats are cute. I think it’s really his way of saying he doesn’t want to have his picture taken. But I’m just guessing…and I’m Mom, so I might not know what I’m talking about. (I don’t think he is at that stage yet, so I could still be smart.)

My goal now is to take other photos – I have others, but the cats are more interesting. Want to know the boring ones? Pictures of my odometer. Yep, had to travel for work and write down the mileage. Riveting, right?

Tomorrow I will get back to more interesting photos! Tonight, I leave you with the last one I took…

The July Wedding

The past couple months was dedicated to wearing the “Wedding Planner” hat.

When a good friend of mine became engaged, I told her part of her gift would be her flowers. As in I would make them for her.This included the wrist corsages and boutonnieres in addition to those for the bridesmaids. Not to mention the mini-bride, junior bridesmaids, and flower girl.

Flowers snowballed into decorating details for the entire reception. At first I was a bit shocked and concerned, but once we started working together, everything fell into place.

I spent almost every weekend since April working on some aspect of her wedding. The hardest part was over – she knew her colors and what types of flowers she wanted. The rest was the minor headaches – tablecloths, center pieces, head and cake table, backdrop, etc.

My children helped on Friday to decorate the community hall. Afterwards, my darling daughter comments that when it’s her turn to get married, she will not have green. To which my wonderful son agreed.

This is a close-up of the shadow box I made for them. I made their invitation with their names and date as the central visual point. I also used some left-over ribbon and roses to decorate the outside.

The decorating took us four hours yet the take-down was a half-hour. The kids couldn’t believe the difference – I explained putting the decorations up everything has to be perfect, but taking down, as long as nothing gets broken, the decorations can go into any box available.

The head table and the backdrop.

               The view of the head table from the entryway.

Sitting in the chair is my teenager, anticipating the moment we can exit the building as he watches me take a few shots.

                                                                                   You can’t see them, but there are green and purple Gerber daisies to place in the tall vases with the same color water beads. I also had colored water in star candle holders, with two candles floating in them. (My youngest smiling for the camera.)

 The newly weds posing for pictures.

At the end of the night, both of their mothers came up to me and complemented on how everything looked. But I really made their nights when they asked how they could help take down and I told them to just go home and relax.

Photo Challenge 5.25.12: Summertime


A period of time where work does not get completed, intentionally or not.
To be free of deadlines and high expectations of someone other than yourself.
To enjoy endless hours from stressful agendas to focus instead on what it truly means to relax.

This is a shot of my son and niece playing in the Smith Lake, Virginia, this past weekend. The two kids are directly in the center of the group of people – see the water splashing? That would be my son…crazy kid.

Welcome to Summertime!


A Very Memorable Weekend

Instead of trying to recapture my thoughts from earlier posts that were sitting in my “edit/proofread” slots, I decided to ditch them all and start with this past weekend.

We took a little trip to Virginia for a few days of family time.

We left home about 4 am and drove through the mountains while the sun was waking up.

 Here’s the sun peeking over the clouds… Along with some fog we encountered…but it was pretty.

The cousins were hanging around after the “serious” pictures were finished. My sons were glad to meet their cousins – it has been 5 years since our last visit and that is too long to wait, if you ask me. The cousins ages are: 15, 10, 10, 8, 6, and 3 years – the missing cousin is 20 but she had to work. Next time – she will be there.

Sunday was spent at Smith Mountain Lake, we were there for several hours. According to one of relatives, this is the same beach where “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. The kids made a sand castle – with the help of an adult.

The evening brought some veggin’ time for the cousins – they were too tired to play outside so they lounged on the floor and played electronic games. It was serious business…

We left on Monday and drove the long way home – we stopped for a fast visit with some friends outside of Knoxville, TN. But the Smoky Mountains were beautiful to drive through. I don’t have many photos of that part of the trip as I was the one behind the wheel. Last I checked, it was difficult to take pictures and drive…

It was truly a memorable weekend had by all.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Yes, that is Darth Vader between some angels.

Darth was the opening act for the children’s Christmas program at our church. My son, the Star Wars freak, wanted to play the part of Darth and was so excited when he got the role he almost fell off his chair — well, he at least stopped playing PS3 for a while.

He isn’t as big of a ham as his older brother is, but he really enjoyed putting on the Darth Vader costume.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

  My youngest son’s elementary school held a performance for families. It was entitled: “A Pirate’s Christmas“.

It was a twisted tale of how White Beard (AKA: Santa) helped the pirates understand that it is better to give then to receive. Or in the case of the pirates – to take what isn’t theirs.

The little boy, in the footsteps of his bigger brother, hammed it up.

But then again, I think all the 4th graders were having a blast while exaggerating their performance.

Once White Beard and his merry men brought the pirates to the North Pole, the head pirate – sorry, I can’t remember the name – convinced his followers that White Beard was off his rocker. Or was it off the boat?

Either way, the pirates learned and accepted that the practice of giving was much more lucrative than taking what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted, well, you get the picture…

During the performance these little pirates and elves sang Christmas songs drenched in pirate verses. It was a cute little show – one I will enjoy sharing in person with my parents once they make “the move”.

Note to self: Sit in the bleachers – the floor seats have extreme limited sight…as in I saw glimpses of the stage through out the show thanks to many children and adults who moved around. Thankfully my husband was on the aisle and was able to get many pictures and videos of the performance. So yeah, next year – I’m sitting up high. 🙂