Look who came for lunch


Spring Break 2018

Ahhh..spring break. Images of beaches, carefree moments, and late nights come to mind. No alarms. No schedules. No stress.

We were more than happy to pack up our car and head south as local temperatures were dipping into the 30’s – again! I heard they even had some snow in places since we left.

lasso the sun

Florida temps are not in the 30’s and the sun has been proving it really does exist. In fact, we are trying to figure out a way to lasso the sun to bring back with us when we leave! Who wants 30 degree weather when 70’s exist without the threat of snow or ice?



Here is a summary of our days along the Gulf coast so far…you are welcome!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


And so it begins

Waking up Monday morning to get the precious children ready for school only to look out the window and see this:


School went from being a two-hour delay to canceling as road conditions worsened throughout the morning. The life of a school student. Needless to say, the boys were quite happy to go back to bed.

I enjoy all four seasons and am usually ready for winter by the time the first snow settles on everything. But this time, though the snow is pretty and peaceful, I can do without the bitter winds which accompanied the snow. And then proceeded to hang around even after the snow melted.

Welcome Winter! Please make yourself at home. Lay your white blanket anywhere you wish. Ice belongs in the kitchen freezer and those mind-numbing winds can stay in the Artic.


Summertime Surprises




Every week seems to bring a new surprise. After the snow decided to leave once and for all – we noticed sections around the yard have bloomed into various flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Tulips, Iris, Carnations, Crocuses and Roses.



By the end of May, I discovered a huge strawberry patch (these babies are

20140607-184550-67550869.jpg growing all around the house) and the unknown dead-looking plant is a lively grape vine.















Last week, after being attacked by low hanging branches, my husband went out to trim the offending branches. Only instead of being random tree limbs, he realized they were fruit trees: cherries, peaches, and crabapples.






~ Isn’t life sweet?! ~


Photo Challenge 5.25.12: Summertime


A period of time where work does not get completed, intentionally or not.
To be free of deadlines and high expectations of someone other than yourself.
To enjoy endless hours from stressful agendas to focus instead on what it truly means to relax.

This is a shot of my son and niece playing in the Smith Lake, Virginia, this past weekend. The two kids are directly in the center of the group of people – see the water splashing? That would be my son…crazy kid.

Welcome to Summertime!


A Very Memorable Weekend

Instead of trying to recapture my thoughts from earlier posts that were sitting in my “edit/proofread” slots, I decided to ditch them all and start with this past weekend.

We took a little trip to Virginia for a few days of family time.

We left home about 4 am and drove through the mountains while the sun was waking up.

 Here’s the sun peeking over the clouds… Along with some fog we encountered…but it was pretty.

The cousins were hanging around after the “serious” pictures were finished. My sons were glad to meet their cousins – it has been 5 years since our last visit and that is too long to wait, if you ask me. The cousins ages are: 15, 10, 10, 8, 6, and 3 years – the missing cousin is 20 but she had to work. Next time – she will be there.

Sunday was spent at Smith Mountain Lake, we were there for several hours. According to one of relatives, this is the same beach where “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. The kids made a sand castle – with the help of an adult.

The evening brought some veggin’ time for the cousins – they were too tired to play outside so they lounged on the floor and played electronic games. It was serious business…

We left on Monday and drove the long way home – we stopped for a fast visit with some friends outside of Knoxville, TN. But the Smoky Mountains were beautiful to drive through. I don’t have many photos of that part of the trip as I was the one behind the wheel. Last I checked, it was difficult to take pictures and drive…

It was truly a memorable weekend had by all.