Photo Challenge: Water


Flying for work brought me over Lake Michigan and then down to the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida coast. If I had hours to spare, I would have sat down and enjoyed the waves crashing against the pier and the beach. But, I had a plane to catch.

KODAK Digital Still Cameraimg_6994 This is from the plane window, looking down west of Jacksonville, FL. The winding pattern reminded me of one of the original cell phone games – Snake. Snake

A Photo Week Challenge: Public Transportation


The beloved charter bus! Everyone loves them. Crowded. Sometimes loud. Having to walk to the back of the bus when nature decides NOW would be a great time to call.

My son’s high school choir performed at the Cincinnati Reds game a few weeks ago. Being the supportive parents, my husband and I took the day off from work to cheer the choir. We may not be huge Reds fans, but we do enjoy attending baseball games.

We brought my mother along for the ride. She is a great cheerleader – even if she doesn’t understand the game and may have cheered for the opposing team. When one of his friends commented on her cheering, my son simply responded: “she’s grandma. She can do what she wants.”

We caught up to the bus on the interstate. My son sent an image of a hand waving as we passed them. Getting around the city in a car is more sane than driving in those big charter buses. After we emerged from the underground parking garage, the bus rolls to a stop in front of the stadium. And parks. For the entire game. I give them credit – who is really going to mess with a giant bus?

*The choir did a fantastic job singing the national anthem!

Conversing across channels – or apps

Conversations have changed over the past, oh I don’t know, ten years? Somewhere around there.

Social media and texting has taken over the telephone call. (That was when people had to memorize phone numbers and punch them into a phone connected to the wall.)

This past New Years evening I used several forms to express new year wishes to friends and family. I had a great conversation with a friend in England through the Facebook Messenger app, shared sentiments with friends and family around the world through two social media platforms, verbally recorded my message to my sister and a friend on the VOX app, sent texts to many others and then called my brother on the cell phone. That’s crazy! But I do like the ease of simply sending a message without having to wait for the answering machine (oh wait! It’s voicemail now!) to pick up.

Technology has changed the look of keeping in touch. Some might say it’s the devil (I do but only when I don’t have a signal 😉 ) while others sing its praises. Me? I like the idea of not being rushed to answer a text. I like the idea of being able to really keep in contact with people I grew up with in Texas and New Jersey. It makes it easy when I travel to a place to send out a quick private message seeing if we can connect. It’s more reliable than sending a letter by pony express and faster than snail mail.

They say communication is key to any relationship, and nowadays being adaptable to the changes of modern technology seems to be a part of that key.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Yes, that is Darth Vader between some angels.

Darth was the opening act for the children’s Christmas program at our church. My son, the Star Wars freak, wanted to play the part of Darth and was so excited when he got the role he almost fell off his chair — well, he at least stopped playing PS3 for a while.

He isn’t as big of a ham as his older brother is, but he really enjoyed putting on the Darth Vader costume.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

  My youngest son’s elementary school held a performance for families. It was entitled: “A Pirate’s Christmas“.

It was a twisted tale of how White Beard (AKA: Santa) helped the pirates understand that it is better to give then to receive. Or in the case of the pirates – to take what isn’t theirs.

The little boy, in the footsteps of his bigger brother, hammed it up.

But then again, I think all the 4th graders were having a blast while exaggerating their performance.

Once White Beard and his merry men brought the pirates to the North Pole, the head pirate – sorry, I can’t remember the name – convinced his followers that White Beard was off his rocker. Or was it off the boat?

Either way, the pirates learned and accepted that the practice of giving was much more lucrative than taking what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted, well, you get the picture…

During the performance these little pirates and elves sang Christmas songs drenched in pirate verses. It was a cute little show – one I will enjoy sharing in person with my parents once they make “the move”.

Note to self: Sit in the bleachers – the floor seats have extreme limited sight…as in I saw glimpses of the stage through out the show thanks to many children and adults who moved around. Thankfully my husband was on the aisle and was able to get many pictures and videos of the performance. So yeah, next year – I’m sitting up high. 🙂