Spring Cleaning

Oh man. Please excuse the dust. I haven’t been here as much as I was hoping.  Here, let me wipe the seat before you get comfortable.

It’s been a blurry few weeks.  The parentals brought a trailer out and were home here for three weeks.  During which they worked around the yard and house.  My dad was most not impressed about returning to the shore. They left after procrastinating a couple hours. 

So now I’m working on putting my room together.  I have some ideas about what darI want to do and how I want to do it.  I took some before pictures and hope to have the after photos in another week.
But not this weekend.

Nope.  This weekend we are in Pennsylvania for a family wedding.  I already started that post over on a different page to share. I knew you’d be excited. 

Darn it! There’s another dust bunny. These bunnies can’t decide if they’re coming or going.  Well, it’s time to make them disappear. 😉

There. All tidy and clean.  I purchased a new binder for my journaling ventures and blog notes/ideas.  Happy Spring!  Here’s to a warm summer!


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