Work – some people hear that word and cringe. Others might laugh and ask what’s that. While still others might just look at you wondering why you would say such a four-letter word.

At my place of business, we try to break up the time by having fun with our coworkers. Different departments have various ways of keeping up morale. Be it eating lunch or dinner together or participating in a group outing, they help us disconnect from the serious side and allow us to relax and let go of the stress. My department takes an extra step…we go that extra mile to bring laughter to our co-workers. Our secret? Practical jokes. After all, if the opportunity arises, why not make the most of it, right?


There is one particular co-worker who is a pro at practical jokes. She can bring the entire floor a few moments of laughter simply by performing a joke on someone. They aren’t harmful jokes. Nothing rude or inappropriate, but they serve their purpose. Laughter. Especially after a grizzly quiet morning.

One lady noticed an orange sitting on a co-workers desk for a few days. She took the orange and switched it for a tangerine, just to see how long before the other noticed. When the lady came into work that morning, she noticed right away and said something about oranges not shrinking over night and turning into tangerines.


Another day a co-worker wasn’t happy to hear I was taking vacation days. As she passed my office, she threw a paper ball at me, declaring how unhappy she was to hear that I was abandoning them.


This is the kind of things we do. It passes time and makes working interesting…because you never know what you might walk into next.

This past week, the orange-toting coworker passed my office several times before stating she lost her marbles. I thought it would be helpful if I “found” her marbles for her. So I placed some around her desk. My favorite part was she didn’t think it was me until after she blamed the tangerine swapping coworker.


The point is, you need to have fun while at work. Can work be stressful? Yes. Can work be challenging? Yes. Is work demanding of your time and energy? Yes and Yes! But what you must remember is if you get lost in the stressful demands of your job, you allow other stuff to creep into your life. Like depression or anger. So before anything bad comes your way, find the fun. It might not be in the actual work you do, but the fun does exist.

Mary Poppins said it best “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!”



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