Learning Styles – the good, the bad, and the unlearning

Such an odd question but one that every person has to know about themselves in order to advance through life.

I am a note taker. I have to work hands-on while taking step by step notes. Once I write it, I retain it. I usually don't have to refer to the notes once I have written it down. I guess it's because I say it to myself while I write it down? I don't know. I've been like this since I was in elementary school.

As a teacher/trainer, it can be difficult and sometimes challenging to train someone who does not learn in the same manner. I had to rethink my teaching skills to adapt to those around me.

Having to homeschool children that have different learning skills sometimes made me want to bang my head against the wall. That was more because there are five years between each one and I had them all in the same room at the same time. Then I became smart – one on one teaching. Not to worry! I didn't leave any holes in the walls or make children cry.

I have taught and trained different learning types that I think I adapted pretty well. The only learning type that causes a real challenge with me is the one where they literally want you to do it for them. I call it the "non-learners" or "spoon feeders". I don't understand this learning type at all. They say they learn by watching but then they don't do it when it's their turn to try.

I feel the best way for a person to grow in any field – professional, personal, spiritul, etc. – is to learn but then be able to take that first step without holding onto a hand. I like that feeling of accomplishment that comes when you can look at that project and say "yes, I did that by myself". Of course, I usually add "with God's help". But the point being – no one feed the information to me and I didn't have it spoon fed to me.

There are my thoughts on learning…maybe I'm wrong…maybe I should let others do the work for me…Nah!

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