The Big Move

Who ever said moving was fun, is dead wrong. There is nothing fun about any of the process. Well, maybe house hunting is fun. You can go through all types of houses around your potential new home area. I would say that is where the fun ends…until after the boxes gone on the other end…and I mean gone. Nothing is contained in a box.

We moved approximately 30 blocks. I am not talking city blocks – more like small town blocks. It takes about 10 minutes to drive from the old house to the new one…in rush hour traffic…hitting all four lights.

We moved from a small 3-bedroom duplex to a huge 3 bedroom home. The square foot doubled. And I think our “stuff” did too.

Have I mentioned how not fun it is? Yeah. I shudder at the thought of moving. I am still cringing at the mention of “cardboard boxes”. Ugh.


We loaded a box truck four times with our stuff…I am telling you, our stuff multiplies like bunnies. When we moved out here from the East Coast, we filled 10 feet of a trailer, the trunk of a car, and a bunk bed of my husband’s semi cab. Our kids were tiny then – two, seven, and twelve years. Their stuff didn’t take much room. Probably because they were all condensed toys.

Now though. Yikes! They are eleven, sixteen, and twenty-two. Talk about growth of stuff!

This time we didn’t sell our furniture but still. Four truck loads? Really? The first load consisted of every stick of furniture we owned. My husband was bound and determined to do the heaviest and worst part first. Thankfully, it was a good idea. Because the next day – when we moved from the time we woke up until about 9 pm – it rained.


Which brings me to another point to ponder…never, ever, move in the winter. Not only is the weather wet, but it gets pretty cold…and where we live, it gets windy. I swept tons of leaves up during the weekend. Wet, soggy, icky, disgusting leaves.


However, the past week or so has been calming down. I happily brought a truck load of cardboard to the recycle yard on Thursday. I have more boxes to go through but the pile isn’t so daunting. The two car garage was full to the brim…twice.


I can almost park my car in the garage now. Almost. I can’t get too carried away because let’s face it, there is still much to do down stairs. But it’s coming along. Slowly. My goals for January are to get rid of all boxes (except those containing items for E-bay or garage sale) AND to get back to blogging more regularly. I miss it. I have spent the morning catching up on some of those I follow and now I will do my part and share my insane thoughts and experiences with those who follow me. (Sorry – I veered off from my house story!)

Back to the house – words of advise: watch the weather, sell what you can, and be thankful for the opportunity placed before you.



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