This App Makes My Head Spin

I have been traveling and using my handy dandy iPad to keep in touch with the “real” world. However, every time I tried to post, the Word Press app wouldn’t behave. After a few days aggravation, I walked away to return at a more calmer time. Mainly to prevent me from seeing just how high and far my iPad could travel. 😉

I believe this is now the 6th update it has had in a matter of weeks. And I am just as lost as I was the first time!

Thankfully, I still journal and therefore all my adventures are documented and I can easily share them with the world at large. I know what you are thinking – the entire world has been waiting for my fingers to fly across the keyboard once again. Yeah, well, I am not quite sure of that one. The world probably was just as happy when I didn’t share my inner thoughts.

I am going to give this a chance – just as I had in the past with the other updates and what-nots. I might not be “old” but sometimes when they update these electronics, it makes my head spin!

Here’s to a fabulous Fall Season! And a more regularly updated blog!!

(It would be nice if I could link other blogs to this like we can on the actual website…just a thought!)

And just when I thought this latest one would work – it deleted my post!!! Ha!!



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