Adventures of life with a teen

I may not understand my children 100% of the time, but what parent really does? Surely not me.

Having three of them hasn’t helped me. They are still like aliens to me at times. For instance, we were sitting in the truck, waiting for someone, when my teenage son blurts out “do you realize that teens and babies are similar?” I couldn’t help but think to myself where is this conversation going, but as the good mother that I am, I asked for clarification. Matt explains “all babies and teens so is whine, sleep, and complain.” As a mother, it makes me oh so happy to think that my brilliant NASA-leveled intellect of a son had an epiphany about babies and teenagers. Great.

Matt went on to ask which would I rather have, being that I am not a baby person. I reassured him that I will take teenagers over babies for two reasons: 1) teens can relieve themselves without any input or direction from me and 2) they are able to speak about what is bothering them – and if I desire, I can choose to not listen to them while doing so without the baggage of guilt.

Though I am not sure if he appreciated my honest answer – the whole ignoring the child part might have turned him off – but he followed up with asking “how did you ever survive having three children?” As if I would admit to being in the fetal position, with a pillow covering my head, while repeating “make it stop! make it stop!” In truth, it all goes to the credit of my husband and his crazy, insane shifts, allowing him to take care of the babies during the night so I can sleep blissfully unaware. (And no, I did not ignore my children as babies or toddlers. I was very much involved in their development and daily activities.)

What possesses a teen to compare himself to babies? Anyone have an answer for me? I wonder if it had anything to do with shopping at Walmart earlier and having to witness a full-blown toddler tantrum.

At any age, they all look sweet while asleep…




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