The Big 4-OH!

Birthdays have been celebrated by a phone call, card in the mail, or silly emails amongst friends and family. This year, however, while I was hoping for my birthday to fly under the radar…yeah, like THAT was going to happen!

Turning a milestone age is like having a bright neon arrow pointing at you for the entire world to see. Or in this case, black crate paper twisting around the ceiling the entire length of the hallway.

I arrived at work to a doorway of black…around the office was strung signs of old age…literally. “Over the Hill” and “Entering the Golden Years” were hanging from the door, window, walls, and desk.


“Over the Hill” and “Entering the Golden Years” were among the signs hanging around my office.


Yeah, I heard them all. Right down to the box of Polygrip and corn cushions my boss gave me.


The highlight of the day was the cake – my good friend made sure I had THE perfect one. Who else would argue with a baker for a Christmas cake in March?


Though we don’t usually celebrate birthday’s in outrageous ways, I must say this one is among my favorites. The birthday celebration carried on through the week and officially ended this past Sunday – after a trip to Kentucky which was given as a birthday gift! More about that trip later…



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