Ditching Those Resolutions…

You remember a few weeks ago when everyone was counting down to the “new year”? They would say “this is the year that I’m going to do…(fill in the blank)” or proclaim in front of the room that 2013 is going to be “their year because … (enter some other far-fetched goal/idea)”. Yeah, well, today is the day they can change their mind, come to their senses, or just admit they were really reaching with their bright idea. All without guilt, too.


I am here to tell you that today is dedicated to ditching those useless, silly, or said-on-a-whim resolutions. Can you believe that? According to Everyday is a Holiday (it’s a real website, too) today has been designated as National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. Really. It’s printed in black and white on my desk calendar…(which is printed from Everyday is a Holiday).

I decided in honor or tribute to this fabulous day, I would ditch one of my crazy schemes I had decided would help mark out 2013 in my life. What am I going to push aside to the trash can? Well, the thing is, I haven’t really came up with something worth ditching – but that could be my “resolution”. What do you think? Does that count? I am going to ditch the resolution of coming up with a worthy enough resolution to ditch. (Did you have to read that last sentence twice? I did…now I bet you did just to make sure you didn’t miss something the first time.)

I missed celebrating the Super Bowl’s birthday this past Tuesday (yes, I am a fan of American Football – no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you!) so I was determined to participate in today’s grand event.


Tomorrow is Winnie the Pooh Day – for all you out in cyberspace who love the yellow bear and his honey pot.


Until we chat again, have a great day and Happy Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day!



One thought on “Ditching Those Resolutions…

  1. I already ditched one of mine…(drinking wine) could not go on a diet and deny myself of food AND wine and niether could not wait for the National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day.

    HEre’s till tomorrow and Piglet and Winnie the Pooh!

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