Homemade Marbles for Winter

During the week of Christmas break, I had the precious children make some marbles. Ice marbles, that is.

They filled regular balloons with water and a few drops of food coloring. Then placed them in the deep freezer for a couple days. We waited for the predicted snow to arrive before taking them out of the freezer.


Peel the balloon off…yes, peel. Cut the knot away and the balloon peels off easily. I suggest wearing some gloves because the more you handle them, the more your fingers freeze.


Then place them in the front yard – I placed them along the sidewalk in the snow. The first day they were hazy due to the frost of the freezer. But the next day, after the sun melted them a tiny bit (the temperature was barely 34*F) and caused the globe to glaze over. This resulted in a shiny coat and the marble look was more noticeable.






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