Five Question Friday: 1.27.12

Ok, I’m a bit off – seemed to have been a busy last few weeks and squeezing time to be with the family was hard enough, so yeah, the blog suffered even worse. I mean, lets face it, family comes before blogging. Shocking, I know. But it’s the truth. So on with this week’s Five Question Friday…for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the link – just click the picture. 

1. Do you swim in the winter?

That would be a no. I believe the last time I swam in the winter was when we still lived in New Jersey and weekend ski trips were part of life.

Of course, there was the time we traveled and the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool. Does that count? I’m not sure…

I don’t usually swim in the winter.

How’s that for clarification? Yeah, that’s good.

2. Do you love or hate winter?
I actually love winter. Don’t pass out on the floor. I know what you’re thinking – freezing rain, icy roads, and snow that never seems to stop fluttering down from the clouds.
But since we moved to Indiana, there isn’t a lot of snow. And when it does snow, it mostly stays on the grass for a few hours before disappearing.
The weather does get icy, but not enough to make me hate the winter.
I love how the tree lights sparkle and there seems to be more time playing games around the table. Well, when work doesn’t push deadlines at us, of course!

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you’re going to be home all day with just family?
Only if I’m absolutely sure no one, not even daughter’s boy friend, is coming over.
Otherwise, I’ve my make-up on and dressed.
During the week, though, I usually change into a pair of flannel pants and a big baggy sweatshirt if I don’t have to go anywhere – even if the boy friend comes over.

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?
I was 16 and it was a can of beer – which is nasty regardless of my age. I didn’t like it then and remember pouring it down the drain. Some of my friends laughed at me for being so wasteful, but I think I was doing them a favor – one less nasty beer for them to drink.
I don’t think I had another alcoholic beverage until my wedding two years later.

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable?
This is a tough one. I work at a company who offers PLT (personal leave time) that works as both vacation and sick time. If I am sick, I use of those days, which increases every few years. For instance, as a newbie, we get 10 days a year, which increases during your 3 year anniversary.
I would think no more than 10 times a year, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. No one can predict when their little ones are going to be slammed with a stomach bug, only to share it with the entire house. But I think 10 is fair…for now…


One thought on “Five Question Friday: 1.27.12

  1. I don’t swim, but I love the winter (even if I never put make-up on).
    I devoured a large quantity of wine already at the age of 7, but it was an accident becuase it was in a neutral bottle and I thought it was something else… I’m almost never sick, and I hope to stay that way 🙂

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