A Burst of Something…

I think my parents have some type of personality pull with the elements around them. Forces, real or imagined, form around them and burst with excitement while in their presence. Sounds corny, I know. But it has to be true. Right?

Take the following…

A few years ago, my dad came out for a month to help when I had a major operation. The second day he was here we were hit with the winds and rain from a hurricane originating in the Gulf of Mexico. I live in southern Indiana — far, far, FAR away from any large bodies of water. We were without power for about 5 or 6 hours and we had corn stalks all over the yard. The nearest farm is over a mile away, and there are plenty of houses and buildings between here and there.

The following visitation coincided with flash floods and torrential thunderstorms. We were without electricity for 4 hours the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. When it was over, the grill was over-turned and we had branches in the yard and driveway. The nearest tree is 5 houses away, up the block and across the street at the T – with my house being at the bottom of the T.

During the next visit with my parents in town, temperatures had dropped below freezing during rain, causing the roads to be covered with ice and snow. Needless to say, everything was closed. Although we didn’t lose power, we did have to break out some horse blankets and do lots of baking to keep the cold from seeping through the walls.

This past visit brought fireworks. We were sitting around the table, eating and talking, when all of a sudden the window lit up reddish-orange light accompanied by a boom so severe it shook the house, followed by the lights going out. Though it was not weather related, we lost power for about 4 hours. The transformer box on the telephone pole had a short in the wire, causing several pieces of the wire to break apart. Sparks flying as the pieces landed. Magnetic personalities? I’m not sure, but when the parental units are around, life is…interesting.



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