Five Question Friday

1.  Do you have siblings and are you close with them?

Siblings – those other kids who live in the same house as you, but who are so different from you they are obviously from a different universe.

 Yes, I do have siblings and if you would have asked me about them while I was a kid, I would have denied any relation to them. I am the youngest of four. My sister is the oldest and sammiched between us are my two brothers.

Growing up, I was not close to my sister. Being almost 7 years her junior, the lack of bonding was because we had nothing in common. She was a flower puff girly girl and I was a football-loving, tree-climbing tomboy. By the time I hit high school, we were living in different states. We might have talked on the phone a few times during the course of the year, but it wasn’t until after marriage and children that we became close. Now we talk a few times a week.

The boys. The oldest of the two is 4 years older and growing up, we didn’t have much in common either. We got along without any major fights, but I wouldn’t call us close. After I graduated high school we became close. He presented Christ to me in a way I never heard. He spent hours explaining and answering questions. Today we speak to each other almost every day. There was a time when we talked for over 600 minutes in a two-week period. When he told me that, we started laughing – we don’t talk about anything important. Just nonsense things with a sprinkle of how we are doing, prayer requests, and lots of praises. Granted, at the time of the 600 minutes in one week, my husband was a OTR driver and sleeping for me meant an hour here and an hour there. But we still laugh about it. Today we have the bonus of technology on our side – texting and emailing in addition to the regular phone calls.

My other brother and I use to be close growing up. We played football together, we were in the same schools, and had the same circle of friends – or my friends were siblings to his friends. When we moved from Texas to New Jersey, we were almost inseparable. Not in any sick demented way, more like we’re attending this new school and know no one, except each other. We stayed close even after I had my kids. It wasn’t until he was dating his wife that we started growing apart. She tried to get between us too many times and so we just stopped speaking to each other if she was around. Even today, I will only call him if I know he is at work. I leave a message on his cell phone and he will call back when he is on a break or done for the day, before he gets home.

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?

I’m going to go with slightly under weight. I’m already slightly over weight and I don’t like the way I feel. I have this little extra “packaging” that gets in my way sometimes and makes me aggravated.

But to be honest, as long as I’m healthy, I’m okay with either. 

3. What’s your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?

Ummm I don’t go to the State Fair, so I’m going to answer this for any “festivity” I go to, such as a town celebration.

We use to get funnel cakes. Yummm!! Having moved out to the mid-west, they are hard to find. And no one can make them like the kind you buy along the Jersey shore. Sometimes we luck out and get some that are close. Out here they have Elephant Ears – some people say they are the same thing, but I lived long enough along the East Coast and they are NOT the same thing.

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?


Clean house that STAYS clean.

Boring lunches without the boys at home to talk to me about their day.

Homework wars. Ugh…

The end of bickering…ok, just during the daylight hours, but any break is a welcome one!

Schedules. Routines. Calendars.

5. Pool or Ocean?

To swim: Pool, thanks. I like to SEE what I step in. And I am not a fan of swimming with the fishes…or crabs, or dolphins, or microscopic organisms or their waste. ~ shivers ~ gross – yes, that was a girly reaction. Deal with it.



To relax on and take pictures of: Ocean. I love to photograph the ocean and its many inhabitants. To relax on a beach chair (we

still have a few of those in the garage!) under the beach umbrella, while listening to the animals and waves. Nice. Very.

I use to pack up the kids and spend the entire school day teaching them on the beach. My oldest is really a fish and she loved going to the beach. We would work on our daily lessons and then she would swim and play in the wet sand. Sometimes we would see dolphins or porpoises. Jelly fish were sometimes in abundance. Starfish, sand dollars, shells up the kazoo, and tons of sea glass. We still have a container or two with the beach “treasures” – except the crab skeletons, those stayed at the beach. I have my limits.


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