Catching up with the little things

I feel like such a slacker with my blogging. I know I’ve been posting the 5QFridays and trying to get the picture theme in, but sometimes, life just has a way of knocking out all the good intentions.

It’s really not that bad.      I was recently promoted (yes, I’m still on that high!) and with it came more responsibilities (shocking, I know) and occasionally longer hours. But I am perfectly okay with that. I have been learning a LOT. I think I have it under control now. I will be staying a little longer in the coming weeks as we are at the end of a quarter and there is still plenty of claims to file before the statutes run out.

Last week though was nothing to do with work and everything to do with Vacation Bible School. My church held it at night, from 6:15-8:15 pm. I like the night hours as it allows for us working parents to save our vacation days and still help out with the kids.

My week last week was working until 5, zooming home, changing while instructing my 9-year-old to get his shoes on, zooming to the church to before 5:30 so we could eat dinner. We did not get home until almost 9 every night. But we had a blast. And having dinner made for all the workers and their children was a MEGA blessing!

This week I have prepared for some time off. I requested a few vacation days off this week a few months ago — before the promotion — and my current boss insisted it was alright to be off. I didn’t realize how much preparation I had to do before leaving work tonight to be ready for next week. Let me rephrase that, I knew it was going to take time — I do the same procedures every Friday — but due to the end of the quarter we are starting, I had to have some “extra” preparations completed so I wouldn’t go back to work to a headache and so my boss would be able to cruise through the rest of her week without worrying whether I did something. Communication is awesome!

Yeah, I said the “C” word! I truly appreciate the open communication my boss and I have. It makes life so much easier, even with stress flying around.

Oops, I got side-tracked. Sorry!

Now that my life is starting to settle into the new routine of the new job, I will get back on track with the other compartments in my life. Like preparing for the house to be built, or playing with the kids, or reading books (talk about slacking in THAT area!), or (and perhaps one of the most important things) getting back to reading and writing blogs.

So there you have my little life of chaos. Thankfully, the chaos is contained!

…for now.   


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