Tuesday’s Treasures

I’m reading

Goodness Gracious Green by Judy ChristieI started reading this while on my breaks at work. I bring my Nook to work as it fits better in my purse/bag. The story is decent and the action has picked up to where my ten minute breaks just don’t cut it. So now I’m reading it at night and before I go into work.

 I’m thankful to God

For my promotion!

I’ve been flying high all afternoon, praising God for my promotion! I officially start on Tuesday and can’t be more excited about it. Can you tell? I think the hardest part is trying NOT to smile until everyone else knows. Wow! Thank you, God!! It’s the next step in this adventure. 🙂

 I’m cooking

SpaghettiIt was one of those long good days. My husband had to work super late so I made an easy dinner tonight. Afterwards I scooped ice cream and had the kids put on their own toppings.

I’m listening to

“Close to Me” by the CureAnother one of those crazy artists my husband hooked me on during our dating days. What can I say? I enjoy the band.

 Picture of the week:


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