Five Question Friday

1. What is your current favorite tv show?

Currently, it’s The Voice. Of course Covert Affairs and Burn Notice is also on the top ranks for this season.

2. What’s the worst haircut you ever got?

I have kinky curly hair and when I moved out here, I had to find a new hairdresser. The woman I went to could not cut curly hair. In fact, she butchered it. It took me almost a year before I found a hairdresser I could trust.

3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?

It took me a few days to think about this one. I would have to say being chosen to play Princess Leia in a Star Wars skit we performed in elementary school. Yes, real cool!

4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?

Having a family of five can get pretty expensive for those days we want to go out and about. We are big movie buffs and take full advantage of matinees – the free refills help, too. We take random day trips with no major destination in mind. We use the time to be silly and have fun while exploring places we wouldn’t have otherwise visited. Of course, we take along our GPS in the event we really do lose our way!

5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?

ABSOLUTELY!! We drive everywhere, regardless of the funding. In fact, my husband and I flip a coin to decide who drives first. Yea, we both love to drive, it’s crazy. But we both agree it’s a great feeling to be on the open road, sharing some mega quality time with the people in the car. We’ve found some real “treasures” by driving the interstates of America. From birth places of previous presidents to natural bridges and even battlefields. There is always something interesting to see from the highways, things you can’t see when you’re sitting in a bird high in the sky. 


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