Sunday’s Reflections

I’m thankful for

My home church

I’m not going to preach and go into my testimony or anything like that. I just have to say though, I might not have had family when I moved out here, but I sure found home within this wonderful group of people. If I had to describe the place in a few words it would be: Honesty, acceptance, love and passion—in no particular order.

I’m reading

Cross Country by James Patterson

 I’m half-way through the book and I don’t want to place it down for too long. The book is non-stop action and suspense. Detective Cross seems to be over his head—or is he just playing games? I’m a big fan of James Patterson and am not disappointed with this roller-coaster ride of murder and mystery.

I’m playing

Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Wii.

 My teenage son danced with me to the tunes of “Bad”, “The Girl is Mine”, and “Smooth Criminal” this evening. We want to perform “Thriller” and some of the others, but a minor issue came to pass while we were moving around. We hit the Wii remotes together during a dance and his finger was in the middle. Ouch! He has ice on it now, but thankfully there isn’t anything broken. He said we can try again tomorrow—after he has a few hours to practice Michael’s moves. 😉

I’m cooking

The easy way out—subs from Subway.

 Tonight it was the two boys and I so I opted to go easy. Subs for dinner and some Dairy Queen Blizzard’s for dessert. Yum!

 I’m hoping

To learn to play the guitar.

 I know it won’t come over night. But we have a nice guitar and plenty of “how to” books so why not? I messed around with my husband’s guitar before and I think it’s better to learn to play the thing instead of letting it sit in the corner of the room, collecting dust.

 Picture of the week:

Father and Son Water Fight


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