Weekly Reflections

I’m grateful for

My husband’s safe return from a week-long business trip

That man of mine drove last Sunday evening for a business show in Boston. This show is one of the biggest for the year. He was to return this afternoon, but arrived just after midnight last night. He was determined to be home in time for the 9 yr olds birthday party.

I’m reading

The Nearest Exit by Olen Steinhauer

I started reading this last week and am almost half-way through it. I didn’t realize it was the second book in a series. Thankfully, the novel doesn’t feel like it is which is very good. I only found out by looking up the author’s name.

I’m hoping

These last few days of school will be quick and painless.

Their last day was moved from this coming Friday to next Wednesday due to the ice and snow storms our area had before January even hit. To make matters worse, the school board moved it again to June 2nd due to the day of school lost when the gym room collapsed a couple of weeks ago. We are thankful they have Memorial Day off still! 😉

I’m cooking

The birthday boy’s favorite dinner: Tortellini and for dessert: Chocolate cake with chocolate icing…yummy

His birthday was last Sunday, but we had the party for his friends this afternoon. Overall it was fun, but thankfully, it’s over! 🙂

I’ve learned

Some people hold grudges so long they forget what they were upset about in the first place

This is an observation I made while listening to some people talking about their own family members. While I can understand being upset because sometimes people do stupid, offensive things, but to hold all that anger and frustration even for a day can bring your attitude and outlook down a few notches. The most mind-boggling thing was when another person asked what the person did, the offended party couldn’t remember. They just responded with “I don’t remember, but you can bet it was pretty bad.” Wow…

I found

Some really great deals at the local Wal-Mart…my Christmas shopping for the boys are half-way done!

The Wal-Mart here is currently under construction. They are remodeling it and have a wide choice of items. They have been placing toys, clothes, furniture, household ware, automotive items, fabric, and anything else they come across in a clearance section. The store is marking them down to ridiculous prices to get them out the door and off their shelves. I have picked up a variety of toys and games for the boys at really dirt cheap prices. I can’t pass up items I know they would like to have when the price is $2 instead of $20. Not only do I love it, but my wallet is thankful, too!

Picture of the week:


2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflections

  1. I added you to my blogging buddies, please stop by. I hope you have a nice weekend during Memorial day. I am going to a cook out at my sisters if the weather is nice.

    • Thank you, Jackie! I enjoy your insights and views of life. Have a great cookout with your sister. Here’s to beautiful, sun-shiny days with cool breezes! 🙂

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