Tuesday’s Tornado

Good Morning Sunshine! The Earth says “Hello!” Or rather, the winds said hello last night.

Last night, the tornado siren’s went off just as I was settling in bed. Granted, we were expecting a visitor as the radar showed a bold dark red over our county. We woke the boys enough for them to stagger like drunks into the hallway. Matt asked what was going on as a bright bolt of lightning and thunder rumbled, which immediately caused the 8-year-old to ask if he should cry. That would be a no, thank you for asking. Although I am not sure if that bruised his little ego or not, but he was just as happy to close his eyes and promptly pass out in the little nest I made for him.

But the fun didn’t stop there. The lights flashed a few times, but not enough to make the clocks go haywire…again, thank God! Though I had my NOAA radio and my flashlight within easy reach in the event we did lose power.

My husband and I attempted to get comfortable on the floor, listening to the rain lash at the windows as thunder roared along with the flashing of lightening. We heard the siren go off again and within moments I heard what sounded like a freight train a few miles away. My husband didn’t hear it at first (too many concerts when he was a teen?) but when the rain stopped for a few seconds, he heard it too. Silly guy thought it was a truck up the street. But he quickly realized he was mistaken as one of those red trucks across the street left the building and yet the train sound was still humming. The freight train like sound was not on top of the house, it wasn’t near us, but we sure could hear it!

My oldest daughter was working and called home shortly after the siren blared. She was checking to make sure we were home and were all okay. I’m not too sure where she thought we were but I assured her we were prepared for anything. She said the store had everyone go to the changing area and huddle together while the storm was passing by. As she ended the conversation, she said she would call if something bad were to happen. (Because that’s what every mother wants to hear!)

My husband checked the radar on his phone and notified me of the blotch of red still surrounding us. However, the storm on the screen wasn’t very wide and it would be gone by about two am. Lucky for me, it was barely midnight. Oh boy!

And so we prepared to spend the remaining few hours pretending we were comfortable on the floor, another siren went off. That is three–yep, t-h-r-e-e!!–within an hour! Yeah, I knew this was going to be a very l-o-n-g night!

At two o’clock, we decided it was safe to return to a real mattress. The winds had died down even though there was still rain and thunder. We left the boys on the floor, after all they don’t feel the hardness of the ground as us old people do.

Of course, even if there was still  a threat, I think we would have moved regardless. The floor does not come close to the Motel 8, let alone Holiday Inn. Shocking, I know!

This morning at work everyone was running on little to no sleep and discussing what they heard, saw, felt at their own homes. Some people are without power. Some have trees down in their yards. One woman had a tree land on her car and wasn’t able to get into work.

It could have been worse for us, but I am thankful to report nothing occurred in or around my house. Unless you count the tree limbs and branches which are in the yard…Yeah, the nearest tree is where, exactly?

The fun never ends in Southern Indiana!

Enjoy your day!

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