Morning Messages

My mother is a bit of a nut. She has her quirks and there is not a single thing I would change. One of her quirks is her need to write to all of my siblings at the same time so we are always on the “same page”. Is it because she wants us to stay informed or is it more along the lines of keeping the family together? You decide.

Every morning, before the roosters roused, my mother is awake at her computer, composing an email for her children before she goes on with her day. I have friends who are stunned to hear my mother sends me an email on a daily basis—this is in addition to our regular nightly conversations. My pals are also the same people who nearly have heart palpitations at the mention of their mom contacting them through yet another means of communication. But I guess that’s where I am in life. I don’t mind the emails or the phone calls. In fact, it’s the mornings I don’t receive an email that worry me.

I usually wake up to the buzz my phone sends out, alerting me that once more my mother has sent her children a joint email, spreading happy morning thoughts before she heads off to her job. There are times when I miss the email buzz because I am either in the shower or already driving into work. This delay is brought on by the lag in computer wires communicating and traveling over a thousand miles to its destination of my email inbox. When the delays of receiving the email occurs, I take comfort in the knowledge the email will be there by the time my mid-morning break rolls around.

It doesn’t seem to matter what type of crazy, insane, ordinary day I am having, her email sums up the necessities in life: how many days until the magical arrival of Friday!

After all, during the course of the week who doesn’t think to themselves ugh! It feels like a Monday, again! Be honest, now. You know you have your days of how you wish it was the weekend or your day off.

Yet these little messages of motherly love really carry some hefty underlining meanings. Take, for example, the daily count down to the weekend. Mom’s messages are full of love and happiness that there is X amount of days left until Friday and how she is looking forward to the weekend. That’s a positive message right there, typed in bold purple and accompanied by all sorts of odd little smilies she figured out how to make.

I can’t help but think how my daily conversations with clients would be if I simply stated “It’s Tuesday and Friday is coming!” Wouldn’t they be just as relieved to know Friday is on its way and it didn’t get lost or take a wrong turn back on Wednesday?

I find it helpful to know exactly where Friday is and when to expect Friday to show up. Especially if I am buried in paperwork and don’t get a chance to look at a calendar. Those days are bad enough, but to think it’s a Monday when in reality it’s a Wednesday, is even worse.

Included in these morning messages are other important tidbits. My mother makes sure we all know whether her or my father has a doctor’s appointment. If there are no appointments, she informs us of the results of the last one. Be it for the asthma, heart, health check-ups, eyes, or even toes and fingernails. She does not wish for any of us to be left in the dark about who went where why and what the results are.

Perhaps some of the more interesting parts of the messages help us understand where she is going for the day—usually work; who is taking her—this is vitally important during the winter months when there is snow and ice around; and what time she is leaving –usually marked with “have to run now” to help us nail down the precise time.

I know the morning messages are all of five or six lines, but they mean a lot to my siblings and I who do not live within driving distance. Out of four siblings, only one lives a mile away. The others of us live over a thousand miles, which is equal to 16 hours driving time. Not something we can easily do on a Sunday afternoon.

Knowing my mother is thinking of us, writing to us at once, is just another way for her to keep us all “together” despite the distance. Even if it’s for a few moments every day, she knows we are all reading her morning messages, in our own homes or offices, and even sometimes taking the extra time to respond to all.


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