Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

This is from last summer during a heavy rainfall. We had just arrived at the baseball field for a game when the game had been cancelled due to a tornado watch. Within five minutes, the sky turned from powder blue to grey to black. As we drove home, I was taking random pictures. The rain was so bad the lights from passing vehicles seemed to be smeared. I took the above picture while waiting for a traffic light. The cars across the street weren’t moving, yet their lights looked blurred. The only effect I used on this picture was the lens shape. The lights were not distorted in any way. This was during a moment of lighter rain. The lashing rain expanded our regular ten minute ride to almost an hour. The weather was that horrible and everyone seemed to have the same thought: get home. NOW!!

About an hour after we arrived home, I noticed a golden glow from the windows. I looked out the front door and saw this:


Sky After the Rain


I haven’t had the camera out in the rain this year…yet. There’s still time. And plenty of rain in the forecast.



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