Saturday Sensations

What a beautiful day! The sun was shinning, the sky was the perfect shade of baby blue, the temperature was above 50* F and both boys asked if we could go to the park. How could I say no to the thought of being outside in the sunshine? The alternative was to stay in their room playing PS3 or some other gaming device. 

When we pulled into the driveway for the park, the  boys asked if we could go for a walk before heading to the playground. We walked along the path, winding its way along the river. We stopped to listen to the sounds around us. There were the playful yaps of a dog, the laughter of some children, the birds singing as they were building nests in the trees. These were the welcoming sounds of the season. Sure, in a few days we will get spring rains and days like today will be scarce, but for now, today, we enjoyed every drop of sun ray, every squeal of laughter, every scent of grass and flowers as the weekend welcomed spring.


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