Day Planner Blues

Back in December, I started looking for the 2011 refills for my day planner. I couldn’t find any. So I waited until January, thinking maybe they didn’t stock the shelves with the updates yet. January came and went, but no luck finding the size required for my particular day planner. I have a strong case of OCD when it comes to times and schedules. I had the nickname “Timex” in junior high because of my obsession.

As I started getting heart palpitations, February peeked around the corner and entered quietly. Now I really needed a planner because there are a ton of things occurring in the everyday life of my family. Three kids–two of which are teens–and a husband; also doctor appointments, concerts, “snow” days for school, Bible studies I attend, youth group the boys attend, vacation time, plus various meetings for work and pleasure. I know if I wait longer, I will become the basket case my husband thinks I am.

By the 10th of February I knew I had to start the search of a new planner as the refills I needed were still not available. I have even searched online for the planner–directly at the manufacturers site. Guess what? They aren’t available online! Ugh! Now what am I going to do? Take a deep breath and count to ten slowly. One…two…three…4,5,6,7,8,9,10. What am I going to do?! I had the perfect planner. It has my tabs for lists and ideas and sketches. I don’t want to buy another one. It took me 3 years to get this one to where it worked best. Now I have to start all over. But of course, I have to go looking for one first. This is not good…

The thought of starting over does not appeal to me. As I go out comparing sizes, prices, functionality, a part of me is still on the look out for the refills of my old planner. Denial is everything and that is where I am at. Do you realize how many planners are out there? Day planners, Franklin Convey, Day-to-Day, not to mention the generic store brands. They come in various sizes and have zippers, snaps, or even a shoulder harness. Not to mention you have a choice of 3-hole, 5-hole, 7-hole or an 8-hole punch. This was going to take me a while. Some one, quick! Please pass me the Tylenol!



2 thoughts on “Day Planner Blues

    • The lack of a calendar is killing me. lol My husband ordered me the Nokia’s version of a BlackBerry and it’s now charging in the corner. I didn’t even know he ordered it! From what I’ve been reading on it, it seems to be able to do what I want. Here’s to hoping!! 🙂

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