Rearranging thoughts

After reading various blogs, most of which have been an inspiration, I have decided to re-think the blog. I will continue my daily ramblings, after all, I still enjoy ranting and raving about everyday things. I have decided to go off on another tangent–one a little more appealing or interesting then what pops into my head. I came up with a few ideas.

Possible Ideas:

movies, books, learning a new language challenge, quotes of the day/week, or maybe about daily/weekly life of operating an internet station–or two.

As you see, I quickly crossed off the internet stations. I feel that is more up my husbands alley and, since he spends most of his waking moments not at work, I choose to not write about what occurs on that side of the desk. Sorry, but web coding and broadcasting servers and FTP sites are just not that interesting to me. There is only so much I can say about researching smileys and other items for the stations main website. The real meat and potatoes of the station exist on my husband’s side of the desk and it can stay there.

Movies — I love movies. I enjoy a good action, sci-fi, even romantic comedy’s make me smile. It has potential.

Books–oo who doesn’t love a good book? I can do this easily enough. The Good Lord knows I always have one or two lying around, waiting to be cracked open.

Learning a new language–this is a potential challenge I wouldn’t mind diving more into.

Quotes–not too sure about this one…we’ll think about it. Sure.

Here I sit contemplating the direction I would like to take this blog. This will be fun! 🙂


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