Sweet Surprise

~Saturday nights brings a change in the house we call the “broadcasting routine”. Just as it sounds, this is when my husband is on-air broadcasting one of his shows for the station. At which time the household becomes quiet as we go to other areas of the house. This is just a fancy way of saying the kids have to leave the room so their chatter does not go out to the listeners. Mostly they go to their bedrooms and play board games or PS3. So this past Saturday it’s business as usual. My husband sets up for his weekly show as I make snacks for the boys and myself. I handed my husband his drink and then went to bring my sons their popcorn. However, when I went into the boy’s room, there was only one son present. I asked him where his brother was and the teen responded with the typical shrug and “I don’t know”. I figured the little guy would eventually show up and went into my room. As I opened the door, I noticed the light was on beside my bed and there, laying in the midst of a huge nest of pillows, my 8-year-old was reading. I was so proud of his “good choice”, I almost became misty eyed. I was able to restrain the tears welling up and grabbed my ever ready camera to document this cherished event. I asked him what he was doing and without looking up he informed me he was in the middle of learning how Eric turned from human form into an alien insect. As I sat down next to him with my book, I couldn’t help but be thankful the little guy choose to read instead of playing on an electronic device.


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