Another day, another blog?

Does mindless rambling count as a true blog submission? Would it matter? Is there a blog police out there reading, critiquing, and marking it with a red pen? I hope not! But in the event there is, well, I’m in trouble. 🙂

I’ve had one of those days. I’m in the process of writing a new training program for my department at work. While I like to write, sometimes the technical stuff messes with my head. I mean while writing it, my true nature wants to burst through the pages. Add a little spice to the blah of the black and white words. However, that’s not the way it can be. Can you image a new person reading over instructions and all of a sudden they come some obscure comment? They wouldn’t know how to take it. Poor person.

Which brings me to this wonderful place. Blogging is a great venue to release the thoughts that have to be held at bay during the day in the “professional world”. There are no rules here. It is nice to know that after working on the technical manual for numerous hours, I can come here and let the thoughts ramble freely. Taking up as much or as little space as required. I don’t have to worry about grammar rules either! I am usually one who cares about grammar and punctuation and complete sentences and not ending sentences with prepositional phrases. But not today. Not now. Not until my brain is empty of the useless ramblings that have been cooped up inside all day. Ahh how sweet the sound!

As you can see, or rather read, this particular posting has no purpose. There is no great insight given, no inspirations to be had, no hidden moral to be found. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So until next time when the writing might have more depth…or not. ~


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