Why take the challenge?

I was updating my profile for the blog site and came across the challenge for 2011. They are challenging us to post every day or every week for the entire year. Are they kidding? Do they realize that some of us (and by us I mean me) have a fear of writing something stupid and then having the world laugh hysterically at them? Ok, so that was a bit over the top–I’m not that dramatic nor do I really care if the world laughs at me hysterically. After all, I’m sitting safely behind my computer, in my living room, surrounded by my family. Yeah, and the fact that I highly doubt the “world” is going to jump onto wordpress and search for my content. For which I am thankful! πŸ˜‰

I have decided to accept the challenge of posting a week for the 2011 year. There’s only 52 weeks and that’s a lot less than 365. Granted, now that this could be considered the beginning of week 2, does that mean I only have to write 50 more posts?

We will see where this takes us and hopefully I will learn something along the way. I have always enjoyed writing, even if its not my forte. But if I could come up with ideas to teach three children the same theme, but at various levels, then I think (I hope!) I can come up with some ideas to post during the course of this year.

I lift up my glass (of Dr. Pepper) and toast this coming year. May it bring health, happiness, and a never ending supply of ideas! πŸ™‚


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