Our week of VBS!

This past week our church hosted their annual Vacation Bible School. According to church records, this has been the largest yet in the 10 years of the church. It was an awesome time for the girls and boys who attended, as well as for those who volunteered.

The theme was backstage to the Bible. There was rock n roll music, reenactments, dancing, team challenges and obstacle courses, not to mention reading and learning important parts of the Bible and how they are relevant in our lives today.  My son started thinking it was not going to be fun, however, when I picked him up the first night, he was excited about going back. The volunteers were well organized and enjoyed the children in their care. As a parent, this is important to me since I am leaving my child in the custody of someone I don’t know. I observed several classes throughout the week, and the love, enjoyment, excitement, & enthusiasm was displayed on the faces and in the actions of these hard working volunteer leaders.

Through out the week, the children were challenged to donate to two pails of their choice. One pail was marked for the pastor to die his hair pink while the other pail went towards votes for the children’s church organizer to kiss a pig.  The money went towards the missions, but the pail with the most money determined who had to do what. Each cent donated was considered a vote for that particular outcome. The children were pumped every evening as the missions monies were totaled and relayed to those in attendance where each possible outcome stood in votes.

The week ended with an 80s rock n roll music concert. The band playing was the church’s own band–they play at various events throughout Indiana and Kentucky–dressed as various big hair metal band members. It was a riot to see in person and a blast to dance and sing praises to the Lord. The children in attendance were loving it. Even my own son can’t wait until next year–though he did ask if I could be a leader. I told him I would work on my schedule. 😉

It was a fabulous week!


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