The summer is rolling along like a steam engine. Here it is half-way through June and time just seems to be slipping away. With the warmer temperatures comes the ability to go to places I have been planning all winter to see. One such event was going to Texas, where my sister and I shared in our daughters’ high school graduation from home schooling. Yes, the time had come to say farewell to highschool days of algebra, chemistry, and English Literature. The drive to and from Texas was beautiful and I took pictures along the way. I was also able to take a drive to a family cemetery I discovered while searching for family roots on my mother-in-law’s side of the family. The cemetery is located about a half hour away along a big lake. The kids came with me and we took pictures and rubbings of the stones. It was a beautiful day that ended in a trot to get back to town so my daughter could get to work. (Shame work caused such a downer on beautiful day) During the week, our nights are dedicated to baseball for both boys. Which makes traveling on the weeknight a tad bit hard–even if we didn’t have to go to work. This weekend I spent another 3-4 hours at the library researching other branches of the family tree. One could call them part of the root system–since the people were from the 1800’s. Coming up within the next few weeks is potential camping out along the lake I mentioned. We would also like to explore another cemetery for more branches of the tree. You never know what kind of people you stem from until you start digging. This family line is strong and their bloodlines run deep in American history; another topic I find interesting.  There are always walks to be taken along the river and trains or museums to be toured. This year our local historical society is reenacting President Lincoln’s boyhood to presidency in their outside theater.

July also marks my sons entering into true teenage-hood. I’m still putting together details for that one. I want it to be “cool” yet fun and not overly expensive. I am still attached to the green stuff in my wallet. July will also bring more opportunities to be outside grilling, reading, and playing with the kids. Taking nature walks are also welcomed.

August brings back the school year. I am hoping to take advantage of some of the local summertime events that occur during the next three months.

Until next time, keep cool and enjoy your time!


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