My 12 year old son has declared May 15 as Walk like a Zombie, Talk like a Pirate Day. It’s his own creation, but will it catch on? Only time will tell…

Walk like a Zombie, Talk like a Pirate is just that. You walk around dragging one foot behind you with your head down. When it’s time to talk, you speak like a Pirate would. It is hilarious to watch and listen to the Zombie-Pirate. My son had us laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. At one point, he forgot which was which and started walking about the house like a drunk person. Upon asking him if zombie’s drank, he said he forgot about being a zombie and was imitating the famous Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean. (Johnny Depp has many fans in this household but that can be for another day!) He then went on to make a zombie-like moan while wiggling about. There was a point when he was speaking with a British accent and switched mid-sentence to that of an Irishman. This brought about such an outburst of laughter, no one was immune to the craziness of it. We all laughed…hard.

Never crush the imagination of the kids. Allow them the freedom to play and enjoy life. We had a great time playing together without the gadgets and technology of today’s world.

Until next time..Cheers matey!


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